Movie Review: Max

By: Peneflix

The “dogs of war” deserve lionization; seldom celebrated heroes, saviors of countless lives, devoid of a cowardly gene, their devotion unequaled, unparalleled in the throes of battle. “Max” (Belgian Malinois)  is such a beast and his story is one of gritty entertainment. You’ll root for Max as you did the “War Horse”. Screenwriter, Sheldon Lettich (first -hand knowledge as a former war veteran) reveals how the unbreakable link between man and mammal is forged and the consequences when it is severed irreparably.

“Justin” (keen performance by Josh Wiggins), a disgruntled teenager, inherits his brother’s military dog; his intransigent father “Ray” (always terrific Thomas Haden Church), gruffness inherited from being wounded in the first Gulf War, blisters at his son’s inadequacies. The magic of Max is the transformation of Justin, Max and Ray as all are altered, tamed simultaneously.

“Max” morphs into a benign thriller with undulating bicycle races, a healthy dose of nefarious egos, and overcoming jejune predictability. At its core is the pure, pulsating, potent heart of a remarkable creature; man’s protector, friend; a canine of considerable consideration, worthy of man’s highest esteem and fidelity.

3.5 Stars

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Author: Peneflix