Movie Review: Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

By: Peneflix

Remarkably Tom Cruise’s celebrity does not transcend the plot of this tightly -wrought thriller. The action is intense, feasible, and expertly executed. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie eliminates the glibness, tongue-in-cheek parodies pervasive in contemporary “save mankind” films.

Cruise’s portrayal of hero “Ethan Hunt” is sensationally seasoned. With equanimity he hangs from planes, stoically survives excruciating beatings, and Houdini-like escapes, actualized with slippery finesse. He is in control and the viewer is comfortable with his inimitable reign over every titillating situation.

Rebecca Ferguson is perfectly cast as Hunt’s “rogue” counterpart. Galvanizing, and by far the most stunning scene in the film occurs at the Vienna Opera House, an aerobic tour de force, back stage assassination attempts, while simultaneously Puccini’s lushly melodic “Turandot” is performed on stage. Brilliant writing, impeccable choreography and direction lend wonder, legitimacy, and style to the scenario.

Supporting roles by Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Simon McBurney and the ubiquitous Alex Baldwin, are a hefty addition to this substantial, circuitous, joyous escapade. Scintillating, satisfying entertainment leave audiences anticipating the “acceptance” of another “Mission Impossible”.


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Author: Peneflix