Movie Review: Wild Tales (Spanish)


By Penelope Steiner. (This movie has English subtitles.)

Most writers will testify that the “short story” is probably the most difficult to create. Within two sentences you have to ambush the readers’ attention, sink your literary teeth into their intellectual guts, sabotage all extraneous thoughts, rush to fruition, instantly gratifying their desire to know the conclusion/solution of the tiny tale. No easy feat.

Wild Tales is comprised of six vignettes focusing on revenge. They are not served “cold” but rather calculating canapés, deliciously spicy, shockingly innovative, Shakespearean in pathos, blood and jocularity. Every one commencing innocently: strangers on a plane; a man of limited talent; a waitress serving a solitary customer responsible for her family’s demise; road rage at the penultimate; a spoiled, privileged boy whose parents convince their groundskeeper to confess to a crime their imbecile son has perpetrated; a car is towed and the owner, wrathfully, sensationally, psychotically, pursues the towing company; saving the juiciest for last: a wedding reception goes awry when the “bride” discovers that her “husband” has a liaison with one of the guests.

Argentinean writer/director Damien Szifron proves hilariously, tragically, repeatedly that while “seeking revenge, dig two graves—one for yourself.”