My 100% Perfect Relationship: Dedicated to Orchid Good

By: Susan "Honey" Good

Monday is the day I write about family relationships. I could write about a family saga with my brood 365 days of the year! Why?

Because our family is so large; personalities are diverse, happy occasions are non-stop and there is always someone or several who has a matter in question, a problem, a bone of contention, in short… a positive or negative issue. Sound familiar, darlings?   

In the month of May alone, one Grand had his Bar Mitzvah, 2 had graduations, one had a wedding and a granddaughter turned 21. Three of the occasions were great. One was beset with an issue. There is no perfection.  What can I say?...4 out of 5 is not bad! Right, darlings?

None of the Grand’s occasions were in my beautiful city, Chicago! By the 4th plane trip, which was to Texas, I found myself having issues! I was packing for 2 and unpacking for 2, waiting in airports in different states, traveling on several airplanes and living in hotels or at my daughter’s home as we traveled across America, non-stop. But is was worth it because…

Thank goodness everything was almost perfect. I was overjoyed watching the Grand’s shine; spending loving time with his, hers and ours even though there is always some clamor and mayhem. When mayhem occurs I watch with bated breath, darlings, because I choose too!

I am always elated to return to our apartment in the sky, my life in the city and into the loving arms of my pooch, Orchid!

Orchid, our beautiful soft-coated Wheaton terrier, is just as thrilled to see me!

When we travel, I leave Orchid, with my mother, who lives in the same building.  She loves my mom and her caregiver; although she is used to her dog walker, Alberto, and enjoys mingling 3 times daily with everyone in the neighborhood. You can gather, I don’t want Orchid’s life style disrupted.

When I leave her I feel all types of emotions. I am somewhat guilt-ridden, very sad and I worry because Orchid and I are attached at the hip! But of course, I call everyday to check-in.

This is the conversation with my mother’s caregiver.

"How is Orchid?” I ask.

The caregiver says, “Orchid did not eat today. She misses you."

On the second day I call and ask the same question and I get this answer.

“I fed Orchid out of my hand and she finally ate."

"I am glad that Orchid has her own special caregiver, who cares!" I reply.

The moment I arrive home, I get off the elevator on my mother’s floor instead of my own! I ring the doorbell. The door is opened and out comes my 41 pound bundle of joy, Orchid, jumping up several times past my waist, with happiness! When I walk in she runs full speed around my mother’s apartment, more than once! She is so filled with joy as she finally settles on the couch, panting, and looks, waiting for me to sit down beside her. I do, hugging and kissing her as I whisper sweet nothings in her ear! And all the while, she is kissing me profusely.

I feel myself relax. I am so very happy. I am stress free. I know I can do no wrong in Orchid’s eyes. I am loved 100 percent; Orchid’s love for me is unconditional.

That is why I award my pooch Orchid Good as my 100% perfect relationship!

I am reminded, darlings, of a true story that took place 25 years ago between my husband and a friend he hadn’t seen in years.

Shelly asked him,

“How are your daughters?”

I watched the man’s expression and listened to his response. It was a mix of laughter and truth.

“The girls are fine, but I have to tell you we finally bought our first dog a few years ago and if I had known the love and devotion I got from my dog, I might have never had children!”

Of course he loved his daughters. We all love our children. As mothers and grandmothers we come from unconditional love. As do our pets!

If your children or Grands don’t have a pet, possibly consider visiting a Paw’s shop or a breeder of choice for a new bundle of love. What a gift.

If you have a loving dog, or any pet that you would like to share with me about - connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or leave your comments below!