New Year. New Outlook. New Home Décor.


By Sue Pitchforth. Time for a shake-up in your décor? Start the year off right with some fresh ideas at no cost to you! You just need a different outlook. It’s challenging for us to see our rooms and home in a different light. We get used to having things the same way – change isn't easy.

I want to share the strategy with you I use with my clients, when helping them with their decorating dilemmas:

  1. Select a room. Take a good long look at how it functions for you and your family. Make a list of what you like and what you would like to see in the room.
  2. Is the furniture arranged properly? Is it all against the walls? Why not angle a few pieces or even bring pieces away from the wall to give your room interest and make it feel more spacious. You would be amazed at how angling furniture can give a room a fresh look.
  3. Is there too much furniture in the room? Do you really need all those small tables, chairs etc. What can you edit and remove? Do you have a dated dining room buffet and hutch? Why not remove and store the hutch? You now have a large wall area to utilize with artwork and more space.
  4. Take a tour of your home – top to bottom. As a designer, I find that the most unique, interesting pieces in a home are usually found in the basement. It’s OK to bring up something that you have stored away over the years. Give it life and make it feel new again.
  5. Now remove everything from the room. Start from scratch – bring in items that you will use and reposition them. Most homeowners are not sure about this part of the process. I can assure you that this is the fun part! By moving things around, you get an opportunity to see the room in various ways. You will know when the right arrangement clicks for you.

Have fun, experiment. It’s a new year. Time for a shake up in your home!