News and Trends: Impastor + Sara Rue's New Role

By: Susan Berman Hammer

TV veteran Sara Rue recently took on a new role in Impastor, a dark, quirky comedy, and reports that she's loving her character! In the TV Land series about secret identities, Sara plays Dora, a straight and narrow, religious type who also enjoys fun, excitement and reinvention. 

When asked why she went after the role in the first place, Sara said she "laughed out loud" when she read the script, and that rarely happens. Unlike other shows on TV Land, she added, there's cursing and smoking! She also likes the fact that the character she plays has such a positive outlook, which rubs off on Sara, and Sara's husband is thrilled about that. Dora empathizes with everyone so she can never really be angry with anyone, Sara continued "I'm never angry!" In some ways, Dora reminds us of our very own Honey Good!

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