News & Trends: 4/8/15

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Older is Now Younger! New Study Proves Boomers Are Aging More Slowly  

Once again, Boomers are in the forefront of yet another trend, according to a new study released last week. The study concludes that older adults are indeed aging more slowly and much better than generations before them. In addition to being cognitively more fit, study participants reported higher levels of well-being and greater life satisfaction.

Researchers from several major universities and research centers in Berlin, Germany who ran the study and reported the news attribute the gains to better education, regular physical fitness and more independence. The study will be published soon in the scientific journal Psychology and Aging.

A Millennial Change of Heart: Your Kids Don’t Want Your “Treasures!”

Now that your children have fled the nest, have you begun to purge your closets, garage, attic and basement? Are you preparing to downsize or perhaps, just declutter? Don’t take offense when you try to offload your stuff to your kids and they’re not at all interested in your sentimental “treasures.” Millennials don’t want their parents’ leather sectionals, family mementos, formal furniture, silver, crystal or over-sized dining tables, according to professional organizers and stagers, auctioneers and resale shop owners who are quoted in a recent article in TheWashington Post. In fact, they don’t even want their own sports trophies, T-shirt collections or college textbooks.

The reasons for this trend among Millennials:

  1. They're living in smaller spaces and paying off their student loans.
  2. They're leading a more transient life.
  3. They're spending their discretionary income on the latest-generation cellphones and other gadgets that consume their digital lives.

James Taylor Releases First Album in Almost 13 Years

Known for his nostalgic reflections on the past, singer-songwriter James Taylor celebrates the present on his new single Today Today Today. Read the lyrics and listen here.

“This is a song for embarking, getting started, venturing forth," Taylor says. "Feels like the wait is over: here we go.”

Today Today Today is one of 10 songs from Taylor's  Before This World,  his first new album in nearly 13 years. Scheduled for release June 16, the album features cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Sting as well as Taylor’s wife Kim Smedvig and son Henry singing harmony on the Boston Red Sox tribute Angels of Fenway.

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