News & Trends: Cocktails + Bedtime Stories

By: Susan Berman Hammer

 Rum Cocktails From Cuba

Just yesterday, the U.S. flag was raised over the newly reopened U.S. embassy in Cuba. Now, we have yet another reason to dish about the country. 

In Travel Edition (Part 2) , we talked about how to get to Cuba and we touched on the island’s history, architecture, beaches, music and vibrant culture. But, we left out a particularly tantalizing topic... the flavorful Cuban cocktail! Not only did the Mojito originate in Cuba, but the Daiquiri did as well. The Daiquiri was created on the Caribbean island than 100 years ago. Learn more in this video from The Wall Street Journal and get the recipe for the Hemingway Daiquiri. Maraschino liqueur replaces the sugar in the Hemingway Daiquiri because Hemingway was a diabetic who followed a sugar-restricted diet. 

Canadian Homo Milk & Snacks

Speaking of our Travel Edition (Parts 1 & 2), let's share a few insights about Canadian culture.  [Canada was recommended as a travel destination in our Travel Edition (Part 1).]  Actors in a comical YouTube video  translate Canadian slang. They define “homo milk” and “soccer baseball,” among other terms. And if you’d like the scoop about some typical Canadian snacks before you visit, view this video

Trending Today

Bedtime Stories and the Tooth Fairy

The term “back-to-school” usually refers to a late summer ritual in which school-age children (K-12), their parents and their teachers get ready to start the new school year. But, according to new research results reported in the journal Pediatrics, adult teachers (parents/caregivers) at home should prepare as well. Read more bedtime stories to your younger children and your GRANDS because reading aloud can significantly activate left brain activity in pre-school children ages 3-5.  

This brain area is “a watershed region, all about multi-sensory integration, integrating sound and then visual stimulation,” said the lead author, Dr. John S. Hutton, a clinical research fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Read more about this study here…Bedtime Stories for Young Brains - 

And speaking of children's bedtime, an unusual trend is emerging among tooth fairies. Forbes reports that the average per tooth fairy payout has dropped 24 cents to (a mere?) $3.19, marking the second consecutive annual decline. A cause for kids' tears? Perhaps grandparents can offer some consolation. The average payout today is at least three times what we received in the 1950's and '60's.

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