News & Trends: Wanderlust? Go For it Now!

By: Susan Berman Hammer

As summer vacations with family wind down, now’s the ideal time to plan that long-awaited vacation to fulfill your own wanderlust or perhaps celebrate a special anniversary or birthday. Here’s why now is the best time to get started....

Exchange rates in seven alluring destinations favor the U.S. dollar right now. So get started today! Plan your trip of a lifetime! 

 The seven countries where the dollar is strong include:

  1. Sweden - Exchange rate: $1 = 8.52 Swedish kronas.  [The krona is down almost 30 percent this year in this traditionally expensive country.]
  2. Italy (or, just about anywhere in Europe) - Exchange rate: $1 = 0.91 euro
  3. Iceland - Exchange rate: $1 = 134.30 Icelandic krónas [A full day of soaking in the gorgeous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa costs a mere $50.]
  4. Brazil - Exchange rate: $1 = 3.16 Brazilian reals [Buy a pair of Havaianas, the original flip-flops created in 1962, for less than $5.00.]
  5. Morocco - Exchange rate: $1 = 9.84 Moroccan dirhams [A classic wool Beni Ourain rug will cost as little as $500., one-third the price of one purchased stateside.]
  6. Thailand - Exchange rate: $1 = 33.68 Thai bahts  [For just $12, you’ll get a 60-minute authentic Thai massage! And, if you fly Thai Airways, named one of the world’s best airlines by Travel & Leisure magazine, you can save money by flying economy class, featuring many of the same amenities as premium class cabins.]
  7. Canada - Exchange rate: $1 = $1.25 Canadian dollar [Canada offers a wealth of spectacular views, culture, history and a diversity of dining experiences and recreational activities. Visit charming Canadian cities, Lake Louise, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, Stratford Festival or Shaw Festival Theatre.]

Another trendy yet affordable destination is Cuba, but we’ll talk about that option in next week’s News & Trends: Travel Edition (Part Two).

 In addition to favorable exchange rates, there are other good reasons to travel now. Airfares, cruises and hotel rooms are likely to go up in price, not down.

And, travel is more difficult as you age or health issues could interfere. So, “just do it”-- now! As a wise travel agent commented, “The younger you are, the more you can bend in an airline seat to sleep, the more you can run between terminals and the more you can handle meals off schedule.”


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Susan Berman Hammer brings more than 35 years of professional communications, management and parenting experience as well as journalism training to The Honey Good team of writers. Susan is also PR counsel and a business strategist to Susan previously served as the Senior VP-Account Supervisor of a Chicago PR agency and later headed her own agency. She earned graduate and undergraduate degrees from Northwestern University. Follow Susan on Twitter: @SueBermanHammer