NewsBits: Women’s News 1/28/15


Susan Berman Hammer brings you a quick recap of some of the week’s top NewsBits  in women’s news. Here’s what’s buzzing this week: WORK-FROM-HOMEWorking at Home Improves Your Health & Your Employer’s Bottom-Line: Employees Sleep Better, Are More Productive, Report Greater Job Satisfaction Millions of workers in the Northeast had no choice but to work from home yesterday during #Snowmageddon2015. According to two recent studies, this type of remote work may actually benefit everyone -- employees and employers alike! Working from home can be good for your health and your productivity and often improves overall job satisfaction. Participants also reported better quality asleep and more of it because they were less stressed about work-family conflicts and could better manage their time.

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in MotionRoad Trips May Figure in Your Family’s Future Travel Plans Nostalgic for those agonizingly long, family road trips of the 1950’s and 1960’s when siblings came to blows in the back seat of the family car and parents were driven to their wits’ end? Well, those road trips of the past could steer your family’s travel plans well into the future. Why? Forget about the immediate effects of falling gas prices on car travel and auto buying trends. Three other trends will more dramatically alter the face of auto travel this year and into the future – cars with better mileage, zero- or low-emissions vehicles and driverless cars. Take a peek at the new Toyota Mirai with Hydrogen fuel cell and the 2016 second-generation Chevy Volt slated for sale later this year. And, for a look into the future, check out the prototypes for the Mercedes-BenzF 015 and Audi’s Prologue Sedan.

InteriorDesignShowNew Interactive Swing Set for Chats in Backyards, Playgrounds or Social Meet-ups In a sign of the times, a new interactive circular swing set became the most popular place for conversation at the #IDS2015 (Interior Design Show) in Toronto. Seems like a great design solution to the traditional linear swing set which discourages conversation among children or adults. What’s your forecast - will the new design be reconfigured for backyards and playgrounds as well as social meet-ups and conventions?