NewsBits: Women’s News 1/7/15


Susan Berman Hammer brings you a quick recap of some of the week’s top stories in the women’s news. Here’s what’s buzzing this week: CaliforniaBulletTrain$68B Bullet Train Breaks Ground, Signals New Era in U.S. Travel The much anticipated groundbreaking yesterday in Fresno, CA for the state’s $68-billion bullet train system could signal a new era for high speed rail travel across the U.S. Slated for completion in the early 2020’s, the nation’s first high speed rail will travel @ 220 mph and slice in half the six hours required to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Experts predict that millions of California residents will use the system and local jobs will be created. The bullet train will reduce freeway congestion and help improve air quality, too. Financing so far has come from California voter-approved Prop. 1A funding and federal dollars pledged by the Obama administration. Governor Jerry Brown attended the groundbreaking.

DASHDietDASH named best overall diet by U.S. News The DASH diet -- a common-sense, healthy eating plan heavy on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy --  has been named by U.S. News & World Report as the best overall diet for the fifth consecutive year. The TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet came in second followed by the Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers and the Mayo Clinic Diet, which each tied for third place in the overall healthy eating category. Two dozen experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and food psychology ranked 35 eating plans to compile the annual list. Weight Watchers retained the number one spot as best diet for weight loss, followed by the HMR (Healthy Management Resources) low-calorie, meal-replacement plan and Jenny Craig’s prepared meals.

EveRecap“Connected” Everything at 2015 CES, Including “Eve” Room, a Blue-Tooth Smart Pacifier Tech watchers at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week predict that the trend at this year’s show will be “connected everything,” including door locks, HVAC and security systems, garage door openers and the new “Eve” room from Elgato. Eve senses and gathers data on home air quality, temperature, humidity and air pressure as well as energy and water consumption to help owners improve their home comfort, health and budgeting. This data can be seen at a glance on iPhones and iPads.

Blue Maestro is also unveiling Pacifi, the world’s first Bluetooth-connected, smart pacifier, which will cost about $40 when it’s released in early 2015. It beams data to parents’ Android or iOS devices, can take a child’s temperature, help record when medication was administered and trigger a phone alarm to locate a wandering child. It has a battery life of more than one year.