NewsBits: Women’s News Recap 12/10/14


Susan Berman Hammer brings you a quick recap of some of the week’s top stories in the women's community. Here’s what’s buzzing this week: ElsaToyTop Toy Gifts: Elsa Doll Freezing Out the Rest Remember the holiday season buying frenzies of the 1980's? Parents and grandparents just had to find those Cabbage Patch dolls and the storytelling Teddy Ruxspins before they sold out. This year, #Frozen's Snow Glow Elsa Doll is freezing out all the other toys! At the time of this writing, the singing and glowing Elsa Doll with Olaf, her funny snowman friend, can be purchased online at a special promotional price of $29.99. Check out all 15 #holidayseason toys receiving the most play on the Twitter Toys Tracker. And, you can set up email alerts through the PoachIt app to check their availability and snatch the best deals at just the right moment!

MarsalaThe "Must-Have" Color for 2015 Have you begun to dream about re-accessorizing your wardrobe or your home at the start of the New Year? Or perhaps, you're still considering the purchase of a gown or dress for a holiday party this year? The Pantone Color Institute recently announced its Color of the Year for 2015 and we thought this knowledge might help as you venture out for yet another shopping spree!

Drum roll...the color is marsala!

PopVideoPop Culture Quiz: Ring Out 2014 with You Tube Rewind If you want to be a "Cool Mom" or "Cool GRANDMom," here's a way to stay current with the latest pop culture trends. Ring out the year by watching You Tube Rewind 2014. Let us know what your favorite segment is by posting your comments below!