NewsBits: Women’s News Recap 12/17/14


LumoLiftLast Minute Gift Ideas for Procrastinators and Geeks Alike: "36 Coolest Gadgets of 2014"With only eight days until Christmas, we thought procrastinators and geeks alike may appreciate some last-minute gift ideas from one of this year's "coolest gadgets" lists. These gizmos, priced from $25-$1,250, are sure to please just about anyone on your gift list.

For as little as $25, you can locate a toy Drone or find “The Tile” to track down lost keys, smartphones, glasses and remotes. In the upper price range, you can pinpoint a real Drone that sends real-time images. It's priced at $959.

Or, you can pick up a small, moderately-priced Lumo Lift fitness gadget with magnetic clasp for $99 (about the same price as a Fitbit). However, the Lumo tracks your posture as well as your activities! And Polaroid's Socialmatic camera, priced at $299, instantly posts photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network and prints two-inch by three-inch photos.

KimIceBucketChallengeEmbarrassing Questions We Don’t Ask our Friends; Top Google Searches This Year Google just released its annual round-up of this year's top global searches. While the round-up ranks trending topics in the news, it also provides an honest peek into the topics we really care about and are too embarrassed to ask our friends.

And for the hypochondriacs among us, we use Google to look up various symptoms for the flu, pregnancy, Asperger’s and ALS (spurred by the Ice Bucket Challenge which brought in $4 million in donations in just two weeks).

Additionally, dog owners want to know why Sparky keeps eating grass and if he can dream.

FitnessTrackingHuge Strides in Medical Research This Year: Heart, Mental Illness and Cancer eHeart Study: The health data from your Fitbit, Jawbone and other personal tracking devices and apps offer scientists an unprecedented real-world and real-time look at how exercise, diet and heart disease are linked. Plug your apps and devices into the new Health eHeart platform and you will help further a research study by the University of California, San Francisco and the American Heart Association. They can synthesize data from up to one million users.

Genetic Roots of Mental Illness: A single donation of $650 million from Philanthropist and Businessman Ted Stanley to MIT and Harvard will finance research into the genetic roots of mental illness.

Immunotherapy Drugs: Advanced-stage Melanoma Cancer patients can now take the first FDA-approved immunotherapy drug, Keytruda, to shrink their tumors. Several other new immunotherapy drugs are being developed that will either train your immune cells to recognize and attack cancer, or boost your immune system with man-made immune proteins.

What Makes Cancer Tumors Tick: Scientists are analyzing the genes of cancer tumors to figure out what makes tumors tick.