NewsBits: Women’s News Recap 12/24/14


By Susan Berman Hammer. TheInterviewInterviewgate: Christmas Reboot Now that Sony Pictures has announced it will permit Christmas Day-screenings of The Interview, we thought you might want to adjust your family’s holiday plans to allow time for viewing the controversial comedy. Check your local listings for show times - the movie is playing in select cities. The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is not the first movie about assassinating real heads of state. Five similar movies have been shown since the 1940’s.

GoogleCarGoogle’s First Complete Prototype of a Self-Driving Robotic Car; Six Lessons a Test Driver Learned Google unwrapped its holiday gift a few days early -- its first complete prototype of a self-driving car. The company also announced plans to give its robotic vehicle some test spins over the holidays and said that it expects to commercialize the Google auto in about five years. Consider the benefits of the adorable little car for drivers who text, eat or fall asleep at the wheel as well as for those who are disabled or elderly. A test driver who has already test-driven the car, describes six lessons he learned from the experience.

MotherJonesBooks2014Best Books of 2014 for Your Holiday and Vacation Reading If you’re still looking for that scintillating book to read during the holidays or during your family vacation, the staffers at Mother Jones have some great suggestions. Authors of the selected books cover a variety of fascinating topics (Wall Street newbies, serial killers, Koch brothers, capitalism and climate change, to name a few). And if the movie “Unbroken” is on your holiday viewing list, you may also like to read the non-fiction book by the same title. “Unbroken” has been a #1 New York Times Bestseller for more than 180 weeks. Look for a Christmas Day review on It is written by well-known book reviewer, Judy Levin.