Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found

By: Judy Levin  

Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found/By: Rebecca Alexander    

It would be difficult to find a story of courage and determination more inspiring than this one.  Rebecca Alexander and her family first detected that something major was wrong when a routine visit for eyeglasses at 13 years old sent her to a specialist who diagnosed her with Usher Syndrome III – a rare genetic disease that causes gradual but eventual blindness and deafness.  Barely able to comprehend this possibility, the spirited, feisty, outspoken and very physically active Rebecca continued to do everything “as normal”, refusing to let this syndrome define or defy her. 

Added to, and perhaps at least partially caused by her poor eyesight and diminishing hearing, Rebecca fell out of her second story bedroom window in the summer following her high school graduation, shattering most every bone in her body. Instead of preparing for her new exciting life on a college campus, she spent the next several months in the hospital immobilized by surgeries and castings, and then long and arduous therapies and recuperations that continued at home. 

Determined to regain her independence, Rebecca persisted in entering college, pursuing her studies, reclaiming her body’s abilities and pushing herself to the limits in every way. Now at 35 years old she has written a memoir of her journey so far.  A trained psychotherapist, extreme athlete and activist, Rebecca says we all have something to deal with whether it is visible or not. 

Once you read her inspiring story, you may look at whatever ails you inside or out, mental, physical or other, and rethink your own limits.  Check out Rebecca’s website to learn more about her amazing life, Usher Syndrome, and to watch interviews videos. 

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