Out of Alignment

By: Gail Stone

"Like an automobile, when you're out of alignment, you're unable to move forward in the most effective way or, perhaps. . . at all." Gail Stone 

This quote derives from Thomas Wilhite's (gone over 40 yrs.) Motorcycle Training Course (early 70's!). Thomas was founder of PSI (Personal Success Institute) Seminars, still operating today, throughout the world, by his wife, Jane.  Through my daughter, Maggie Shapiro, I had the opportunity of doing this 'work' for 10 years, and the concepts/principles remain with me every day.

This was one of the most important lessons that I've ever learned, and it guides me every day.  But it wasn't until I could identify the deeper lesson, that this powerful concept started to impact me on a daily basis.

To begin with, we know the simple definition of a car being 'out of alignment.'  And because of that, even children as young as 5 can Identify it, relate to it and benefit from it in their pliable lives.  

But how do we get 'back into alignment'?  That is a question that took me years to address. One day, when I inadvertently did, it was probably the biggest 'aha' moment of my life.  And we've all had them. "0hhhh, I knew that!"

A couple of years ago I woke up feeling 'out of alignment'. "Brilliant, Gail," I said to myself, once again. 'What are you going to do about it...have another unproductive, unfulfilling, crabby day?!  No!"

What good does it do to have more awareness but not enough to create 'more better' in your life? I knew I had to look deeper and find the 'Why'. That was it! I had this exciting wake up cal!  WHY am I out of alignment?  I'm going to digress here for a moment. 

Please remember how pertinent it is to find the 'why' in things. Why do I want to go to 'this' college? Why is this my career path?  Why - especially when you feel stuck. When we're 'stuck', we - and our automobile -  aren't going anywhere. The growth of who you are and what you want to be STOPS!

Bob Proctor, international icon of Personal and Professional Growth, and host of The Secret DVD, states, "Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice. When I recalled that truism, it was a wake-up call for me and I dug deeper because I want to continue to grow in my life.  Did you know that the opposite of growing is decaying? 

WHY am I feeling 'out of alignment? Once you determine the thing(s) that have you 'out of alignment,' you can choose to realign yourself and get movin.' Isn't that an exciting concept? 

When this occurs, it can have various degrees of disability. One by one, I analyze. "Why  am I feeling this way, and what am I going to do about it?" I refuse  to remain in this stuck jalopy! 

Since I came to that rather simple realization, I find myself more 'in alignment' and navigating my day(s) more. I am being more effective in what I am doing and who I am being.  And, for me, that's exciting! 

Often, it may be only a simple part that needs adjustment. However, I want to make you aware that what's needed to get you 'back into alignment,' may be a painful realization and decision. It can also take a lot of work and not just a quick fix. It could be that there is a significant person - friend, lover, even a family member - in your life who is a part of creating ongoing angst in your life.  It takes two and is not about blaming another. As you address this wheel in your alignment, the result could be one of two solutions. You work together to smooth the ride, or you replace this part and make the necessary adjustments to move on.

Let me leave you with a few more of my favorite alignment quotes by the brilliant Thomas Wilhite, noted at the beginning. I think that they will help guide you in this exciting, dynamic, ongoing 'ride' called. . .Life!

"You are responsible for where you ride, how you ride and where you finish." May I add...and with whom you choose to ride."

"You have to be aware of where you are, keeping your eyes on the road ahead, because you will go where you set your sights."

"You choose the fuel for your bike. Good fuel makes it easier to ride."

"If you practice more and rely on your riding, you will ride better."

I'm going to leave you with this one and suggest that you check your alignment each day you awaken and then create a great day! 

PS!  An aha moment! I overlooked something very important!  Right now, I feel great! When I awoke, I felt OK.   hadn't checked in with my 'alignment' status.  I love to write. I just finished this piece, and I feel invigorated. Here's what I overlooked telling you...also check in with what really makes you feel good and do it! I love to create positive writings. If I awaken and I'm having a case of the 'blahs,' I just write something inspiring and look more closely at my 'alignment' as I prepare for my day.   

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