Overcoming Negativity: Something Isn't Always Wrong


By Kiley Peters. I've been challenging myself lately to find the positive side of things and look for more beauty in every day situations. There are days I think I'm doing a pretty good job and then there are days where I find these heavy cinder blocks weighing down each of my shoulders and my brow in a what seems to be a permanent furrow. But why? Because sometimes we look for problems to exist when they really don't and realizing that and acknowledging it is the first step to getting rid of it.

We all have sources of negativity and as much as we try to be positive about them, sometimes it doesn't always work, right? I've found that it's best to address things as soon as possible instead of letting them build up, but again, sometimes that doesn't always happen. At times, I've found that sources of negativity, even when eliminated, spill over into other areas of your life because you're so used to feeling this angst and anxiety it now feels normal and you have to release it somewhere, right? Wrong. Take that angst and anxiety and help it dissipate by reminding yourself that you are creating problems that don't exist! Why make life harder than it already is? Here are a few things I've found helpful to combat negativity:

  1. Lighten your surroundings. Find the light and make sure it shines. Do you like candles? Light them. (I love vanilla - just like my mom.) Finding ways to surround yourself with those things that literally bring light into you life help lift your spirit.
  2. Rid yourself of negative people. It might sound mean, but negative attitudes are contagious - just like positive ones. You tend to imitate the behaviors of those you surround yourself with - it's scientifically proven. Mirror neurons are responsible for your sense of empathy, emotions, feelings and even imitating the behavior of others. So surround yourself with positive people and you'll see it start to rub off on you after a while.
  3. Find small ways to be kind. Without expecting acknowledgement - and if you do get acknowledgement, then that's a bonus. I've found doing tiny things for people to show acts of kindness gives me pleasure and brings me happiness, so be selfish and be kind to others.
  4. Be present and positive. This is a little mantra I've been saying to myself. If I get too in my head, I remind myself that I am here in this moment and this moment will pass and if I don't pay attention to it, I'm wasting away precious moments of my life. Then once I bring myself back to this moment, I remind myself to find something positive about it.
  5. Go outside. Even if just for a few minutes. It's refreshing and invigorating to feel and breathe in fresh air.
  6. Smile. I know it sounds dumb, but actually Honey said this to me the other day. She said whenever she is having a bad day she just counts to three and smiles and it instantly makes her feel better. You have to smile with your eyes too though. Go ahead, try it...1, 2, 3...smile! See, it worked, didn't it?

So remember, sometimes there are problems to deal with but other times there aren't. So, "let it go," simply be and find beauty in what you're doing. I promise it's there. If there's something you do, please add your thoughts below!

Have a great day!