What Your Pet Needs


By Honey Good

My dog, Orchid, is everything I could ever ask for. She keeps me company when I write, she behaves so well, so really is a great dog. However, sometimes we can forget that a human/animal relationship goes both ways! Do you take your time to consider your pet’s needs? Pets have feelings too! They need as much from us as we need from them. The list below is what I do for Orchid to make her a happy pooch.

  1. Total love. Love. Love. Love! This is first and foremost on my list.
  2. Daily exercise on my treadmill in the winter months, longs walks and runs in the park in summer, spring, and fall.
  3. Quality nourishment of organic and grain free foods fed twice a day.
  4. Baths. Orchid has very long hair. She has a weekly bath.
  5. Your pet needs yearly inoculations and a yearly physical.
  6. Playing with her. Brushing her. Talking to her. I tell her how very dear and important she is too me. Certain breeds of dogs understand around 200 words.

A pet is a huge responsibility. They deserve our respect, time and dedication. They will repay you two-fold. I know.