Positively Altering Your Attitude


By: Gail Stone.

"A human being can alter their life by altering their attitude" -William Joyce

Do you know how powerful that concept is? Do you realize how powerful you are? How are you going to use the power that you possess? We really can create our own reality by the way we think.

I recall once reading "Only 10% of what one perceives as a problem/challenge is reality. The other 90% is your attitude about the situation and what you project onto it." Accepting that their is merit in this thinking process, there is a profound, mental tool that you can use to adjust your attitude. You can shift into another attitude, much like you would shift into another car gear, but this does not come with ease. It takes courage and determination to shift to another, more resourceful/positive, way of thinking and addressing your challenge(s). It's up to you and your attitude. That skill to shift will drive you towards a solution to a problem at hand. When necessary to stay the course, master this skill of shifting your attitude, in order to overcome your current challenge towards achieving your goal(s).

Rhonda Byrne was the creator/author of the book, The Secret. After she appeared on the Oprah Show in 2007, The Secret catapulted to #1 on The Best Seller List, and remained the top 10 for two years. The Secret is based on the concept that your thoughts determine who and what you attract in your life. I strongly recommend purchasing the DVD so you can hear stories from more than 15 international leaders on how they used The Secret in their lives and how it resulted in great success!

If you project negative energy out into the universe, that is what you will attract and it will come full circle, all the way back to you. On the other hand, if you project positive energy, that too, will come back to you. I suggest you try it and see on a continuous basis. You see, each of us has our own "magic genie" within us. If you take a positive approach and think you are an intelligent person who can figure out how to resolve your issues, your inner genie will respond and encourage this mindset. Conversely, if you think negatively, as will your genie. So think positively!

Consider what you think about and the choices you make and how that impacts your life. The power of choice is key! What type of things, thoughts and people does that mindset attract? What kind of attitude are you going to carry with you into 2015? I suggest you leave the baggage behind...it will save you a lot more than money at the airport.

Create a new reality for yourself in the New Year - and you can do that! Isn't that exciting!?

Happy New Year!