Positivity Challenge: Turning Lemons Into Lemon Fluff Cake


By Kiley Peters. If you've paid any attention to social media lately, you've noticed there's a movement going around with people tagging posts or tweets with the hashtag #100happydays. It's essentially a "positivity challenge" where people challenge themselves to find and identify things that make them happy for 100 days in a row. You can read the details at 100HappyDays.com. The moral of the story is, as a society, we tend to harness cynicism and be overly critical and judgmental of both ourselves and each other. We tend to forget the good and focus on the bad. In an effort to reverse this, I'm all for this positivity challenge and encourage you to embrace it too.

I have bad days just like everyone else. However, when I catch myself in a bout of negativity, I do my best to pull a Taylor Swift and shake it off. I know my pros outweigh my cons, but we're all human and we are each entitled to "feel all the feelings." That being said, I also think we will be doing ourselves and those around us a favor by trying to harness our energy into something positive and spend more time appreciating the good instead of wasting it on the bad. Positive thinking is a muscle and just like anything else, the more you practice and the more you exercise, the easier and stronger it becomes.

Not long ago, I was having a few doubts and a friend assured me by saying, "Kiley, you don't just take lemons and make lemonade, you take lemons and make lemon fluff cake." I laughed it off, but it really resonated with me. It's encouraging to know that even when you think you're at a low point or having a bad day, others around you can see through that tiny cloud to the bigger picture. It's all about perspective. So, in the wise words of RuPaul, time for an "attitude adjustment." Try it -- it works.

It's also important to identify the things that make you happy. It's amazing how many people don't take the time to identify what lifts them up - so make your list. Here are a few things on my happy list that might spark ideas for yours:

  • Going to yoga
  • Baking/eating warm, chewy cookies
  • A glass of white wine
  • Going to see a movie
  • Watching Sherlock on Netflix (recent obsession)
  • Reading a book of choice
  • Cooking (always looking for new recipes)
  • Basking in silence (it doesn't happen often)
  • A big mug of warm green tea
  • Spending time with my friends/family/boyfriend

Lastly, remember that everything is temporary. If you find yourself getting frustrated, close your eyes and take ten slow, deep breaths. It'll help you clear your head, find perspective and be more present. If the present is kind of crummy, allow yourself to feel that and then move on and focus on the good things happening in your life.

In summary: Feel the feelings. Be present. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Smile.

There's a lot of gratitude to be had.

Hope you have a great day!