Post Holiday Healthy Eating Tips


By Meredith Fritz. The holidays came and went. They were filled with time well spent with friends and family and food. Every year we try to get ahead of the game by losing a couple pounds before Thanksgiving hits, hoping it will keep us on the slender side once we hit the new year. If you are like me, and most other people, we indulged a little more than we should have in the month of December. While we say goodbye to our favorite time of year we need to kick our diet and exercise into high gear. Here are some of my best tips to keep your diet in check as we burn away those extra pounds we might have gained during the holiday season.

  1. Plan your meals. First and foremost, meal plan, meal plan, MEAL PLAN! As they always say “fail to plan, plan to fail.” Take time on during your weekend and plan for your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week. Create your grocery list and keep to it. You will setting yourself up for success if you stick to your planned meals.
  2. Bring snacks wherever you go. Don’t ever let yourself get too hungry, that’s when you will veer off path. My favorite pics for snacks are: a piece of fruit, string cheese, almonds, or yogurt. Find something that satisfies you that isn’t too high in calories or carbs.
  3. Drink a large class of water right when you wake up. Before you drink your morning cup of joe, make sure you start by staying on top of your hydration. It will minimize your cravings and help keep your metabolism at it’s highest.
  4. Fill your plate with vegetables and fruit. It’s very hard to eat too many fruits and vegetables. Make a goal to eat one piece of fruit a day and two handfuls of vegetables with 2 of your 3 meals per day.
  5. Journal. The vast majority of people who stick to their diet do so by food journaling. Either download myfitnesspal on your iPhone or grab a small notebook you can take with you anywhere. It will make you aware of everything you are eating and drinking.

All of these tips are easy to incorporate into any grocery budget and with any all taste preferences. Invest in yourself and your diet this 2015. You have it in you, now you just have to do it!