Prada Heels and Sweat Pants

Prada Heels and Sweat Pants

By: Rebekah Marcano

My job is to come up up with exercises that help people look and feel good. Many of my fabulous and fit female clients over fifty wear high heels even more than my twenty year old clients! And they rock them! My dear friend Honey even walks her dog Orchid with sweat pants and Prada boots with a high heel!

Ok ladies, so if we want to wear our heels we are going to have to take care of our feet with exercises and pampering treatments! Taking time to exercise our feet will not only help our feet feel better in heels, but will also help with body alignment. And who doesn't love a little at home pampering?

Take time for yourself every day to move, pamper and love your body!

Pedicure toe separators or yoga toes

Taking time to stretch our toes and separate in between each toe will increase flexibility the toes in turn strengthening the feet! You can buy some from the drug store or try the thicker gel ones online. Wear them 20 minutes a day. Ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening.

Ankle movement

  • In a seated position lift one leg up.
  • Circle the foot initiating movement from the ankle to the right for 8 counts
  • Circle the foot initiating movement from the ankle to the left for 8 counts
  • Windshield wiper motion the foot right and left for 8 counts
  • Flex the foot and spread the toes and point and stretch 8 counts

Foot Pod

This little foot pod will do wonders! It fits nicely under your foot. With movement and the right amount of pressure you can strengthen and add flexibility to the feet.

Epson soak

If you don't have time for a full body soak simply take ten minutes to soak your feet. Especially if you have an evening out with those extra high heels! They will love you for it!

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Prada Heels and Sweat Pants

Rebekah Marcano - Fitness

Rebekah Marcano, owner of Define Personal Fitness, studied dance at Columbia College Chicago. She has been a personal trainer in the Chicago area for 16 yearsteaching group workout classes and personal training at corporations including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Navteq ,Nokia.

Combining her dance, gymnastics and yoga background with her expertise in weight training focusing on form and alignment, Rebekah has designed a unique style of training all her own constantly evolving to fit various clients needs and goals.

“Moderation, Balance, and Consistency” is the motto she lives by and encourages clients with. Tailoring workouts per individuals is her specialty. Follow Rebekah on Instagram and Facebook!