Quality Family Activities for All Ages


Children with parents who are involved in their lives tend to do better in school and are less likely to get into trouble, according to Familyfacts.org. But one of the more difficult tasks parents face is finding activities to do with their children. Leisure activities that the family can do on a daily basis, such as playing board games or gardening in the yard, can help build the family bond. Activities that are less frequent, like vacations, can help a family adapt to inevitable changes. Find activities that create a bond with your children, no matter their age. First, consider the ages of your children and make sure they can all enjoy the activity together. Next, make sure your family can grow with the hobby. If you are going to commit to something and convince the whole clan to get on board, you want to avoid an activity that will only last a few weeks. Pick something that you can do on a regular basis. Most importantly, make sure it is fun for everyone.

Hobby Examples

One of the most basic and easy activities that everyone can participate in is family game night. For preschooler and toddlers, try games like Candyland and Memory, recommends Sheknows.com. These games can help developing minds think about colors, counting and can be adapted to fit your children’s attention span and intelligence levels. For ages 7 and up, try games like Connect 4 or Monopoly. These games never get too old to play and enjoy, plus there are versions of Monopoly for everyone. Once they get to the teenage years, you can move on to other classic games like Clue or Catch Phrase. The beauty is you have so many games to choose from.

Getting Out

Using your hobby as a way to get outdoors and get active is a great idea, especially when your kids get to the teenage years. Familyvaluesclub.com recommends four-wheeling to keep your teenage children from completely going off and doing their own things. Take your ATV to local trails as a family. Do your homework and visit an ATV online store to make sure you have the right equipment for your family’s needs.


Another example of an all-ages hobby is crafting. Painting, gardening, jewelry making or even woodworking can be done indoors and out. As a bonus, it can even be profitable if your family gets good enough at it. You can take classes together as another bonding activity to learn how to do your new hobby.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you are doing it as a family, and that everyone, no matter their age, is involved.