Red, White and Chic.

By: The Honey Good Editorial Team

My darlings, are you ready for the long weekend? I, for one, cannot wait to play hostess with the mostest. I am nothing if not a complete holiday enthusiast when it comes to theme parties. As you know, Memorial Day is the official start to Summer. Like everything in life, when I decorate for our Memorial Day BBQ, my philosophy is "go big or go home!"

P/S I never leave home without my famous deviled eggs. I know a good thing when I taste it!

Today, I want to share some simple decor solutions to make your Memorial Day party festive and fun. Many of these items you have at home and simply need to repurpose with a little bit of twine and a lot of creativity. 

The goal? Chic decorating on a simple budget to "wow" your guests! My favorite places to grab accent pieces happen to be HomeGoods, Pier1 and Michaels. Every year, I add another element to my collection making planning for the following year easier and easier!

Let's start with the basics!

  • Mason jars: You can purchase these for $1.15 at any major craft store. They make great vases as well as drinking glasses. The beautiful thing about this inexpensive find is that you can dress them in a variety of different ways and repurpose them for every holiday. All it takes is a few spools of ribbon or twine and some colored fabric to wrap around the circumference of the jar and voila! 
  • Fresh flowers: I'll state the obvious...fresh flowers make any space more inviting. For Memorial Day, I grab the most inexpensive flower, the carnation, and create short, full bouquets in red, white and blue...perfect for the above mason jars.
  • Parade flags: Adorn every place setting with this 50 cent option and tie a pretty ribbon around the base as a charming leave behind for your guests. 
  • Printed lanterns: I simply adore this decor idea. You can buy 12 for under $6.00 here. Hang them in your garden or your terrace for the perfect backdrop to your group photos or party #selfies. Yes, I know what a #selfie is!
  • Festive bunting: I like to string our balcony with festive bunting. It's such a simple touch but creates a maximum impact. It's the equivalent to stringing your home in holiday lights but a lot easier to put up! Just buy double sided tape and you're good to go!
  • Colorful tablecloths: Guests will spill and my little darlings sure do love their popsicles. I don't sweat the small stuff. Instead, I buy patriotic table-covers that I can simply toss once the festivities end. Shelly and I loathe the clean up portion of any event...this makes it easy peasy!
  • Balloons: When in doubt, helium it out! Buy red, white and blue clusters for a song and place them around your home. It's hard to resist the joy that balloons bring to both young and old.

I hope I've inspired you to get festive this weekend. No matter what, we must thank our troops for the freedom that we have each and every day! 

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