How to Keep a Relationship Alive


By Honey Good. Our lives are filled with several types of relationships. Let’s talk about our relationships with our significant others, children, grandchildren and girlfriends. This is a short collection of insights recapping what I have learned over the years. Here are some key words that keep my relationships alive and well!

Romantic Relationships

  1. Attention: Your partner should always come first. I learned this from my mother as I observed how she treated my father. He came first-- even ahead of my brother and myself. She was correct. We eventually left the nest.
  2. Romance: Tell your husband you love him. I tell my husband I love him every day and many days I tell him more than once. Dress for your husband.
  3. Praise: Men like to have their mane patted. Come to think of it, everyone does. Give praise.
  4. Appreciation: Don’t take anything for granted. I thank my husband for something daily. It can be the smallest thing.
  5. Argue: Fight fair!
  6. Love: Hold hands in the movies…Kiss one another good-night…etc.

Children and Grandchildren

  1. Unconditional Love: Mothers and grandmothers are safe love at all costs. Be a safe haven for your children and grandchildren.
  2. Time and not money: Send emails and texts during the week especially if you live apart. Be the one to make the Sunday phone call so it becomes habit. Money will bring love for a moment. Time will bring love for a lifetime.
  3. Support: Always validate your child's or grandchildren’s feelings. You must remember how you felt at their age.
  4. Pass on family traditions and history: Children and grandchildren love to learn about the history and traditions of their family. I tell them ‘history stories’ with a message. I make the stories very exciting or thought provoking, etc.
  5. Stay young at heart! You shouldn’t act like an old fuddy-duddy with your grandchildren. You should be up to date on fashion, technology and their special interests.
  6. Values and wisdom: This is your ultimate responsibility as a mother or grandmother.

They will remember what you taught them. I know!


  1. Trust: Prove you are trustworthy. The normal rule of thought, “If you tell one person, it is no longer a secret.” Prove your confidence to your friends.
  2. Maintenance: Make an effort. Remember, friendships take a lot of tender loving care.
  3. Share: Share activities and intellectual interests with your close friends.
  4. Like-minded: Choose women who have your qualities of character.
  5. Self-disclosure: Disclose who you really are. It is a vulnerable feeling but will create a true bond.