Save Your Memories in This DIY Tissue Paper Frame

By: Kirsten Nunez

Creating memories with your little darlings is one of the best parts of becoming a grandmother. Today's DIY is an opportunity to showcase your beloved photos - capturing the moment, just as it was.

If you're looking for a project to take on with your grandchildren, try this easy handmade, tissue paper frame. Not only is it simple enough for the little ones to participate in; it's the perfect way to create memories and store them.

More importantly, it's a colorful project that can be completed in one afternoon!



- Frame 
- Tissue paper (1-3 colors)
- Scrap cardboard or old magazines
- Decoupage
- Foam brush

1. Rip the tissue paper into small pieces. The little ones will love this part! 

2. Continue ripping the remaining colors of tissue paper. The amount of ripped tissue paper needed will depend on the size of your frame. 

3. Using the foam brush, add decoupage to the frame. Guide your grandchildren to ensure that decoupage does not end up on the glass portion of the frame.

4. Add a singular color of tissue paper to the frame. 

5. Don't forget to apply decoupage along the sides! 

6. Fold the tissue paper over the sides and smooth down. If you prefer, add additional layers of tissue paper to fill in any remaining spaces and gaps. Apply a final layer of decoupage to seal the deal. 

7. Time for a new color! Don't be afraid to overlap different colors of paper. 

8. Apply tissue paper and decoupage to the sides, as necessary. 

9. Continue until the entire frame is covered. Leave to dry completely. 

Finally, grab your favorite photo of the little darlings and display to remind you of your special crafting day!


KIRSTEN NUNEZ - Health/DIY Kirsten Nunez is an author, nutritionist and women's lifestyle writer focusing on health, crafts and creativity. Since 2010, she has been sharing DIY projects at In May 2014, Kirsten published a craft book, Studs & Pearls: 30 Creative Projects for Customized Fashion. She was born and raised in New York, where she currently lives. Follow her on Twitter at @Kirsten_Nunez.