Seek More Wonder


By Honey Good. It seems women of all ages are always seeking something, from a new lipstick to more recognition and the list goes on. However, how many seek wonder?

To “wonder” is to have the continuous need to enrich your mind and your soul. You question. You seek. You grow. You grow because you have the ability to be fascinated and amazed -- the ability to be wonderstruck as most of us were when we were little.

Many of us lose the ability to wonder as grown women. Our daily lives are congested and filled with energy wasted on reaching for the wrong stars and going after, “all that stuff” that does not give us the dazzling life. We see instead of observe. To observe allows you to live in question. It sparks curiosity.

For example, yesterday, I was in my flower garden. One of my hibiscus trees (having lived in Hawaii I love the Hawaiian state flower) had only one shiny green leaf among hundreds. I was standing next to my housekeeper, Rosa and my Wheaton Terrier, Orchid. I turned to her and said, “Look at that beautiful shiny new leaf!” Why only one, I wondered? And for one moment I truly was in awe.

My advice: consider deleting some of your excesses and make room to wonder about the mystique of life. Let go of all the responsibilities sometimes and allow yourself to be in awe. Nature is a great way to start.

As mothers and grandmothers, take the time to expose your children and grandchildren, through both your words and actions, to the magical word “wonder.” Use nature as your starting point.

Warmly, Honey