Shopping for Keepsakes


By Honey Good. Seven years ago I received a small green stone in the shape of a heart with the word breathe inscribed. It has remained on my desks in Chicago and California (it travels with me) where I see it daily and…breathe. It was a gift from one of my daughters and has a memory behind it.

Christmas and Chanukah are days away. For loved ones and close friends, consider gifting them with a keepsake. Put on your thinking cap. Determine their taste, what they collect, their favorite color and your message. The best part of shopping for loved ones and close friends is figuring out what to buy. It is the value of thoughtfulness. I suggest taking a child or grandchild with you on one of your excursions to teach them how to buy a special gift. You are teaching your children that gifting is an art. Consider starting a collection of keepsakes for your children or grandchildren.

What if you have to buy a gift for a person or persons you do not know. I had this happen to me last summer.

I attended a bridal shower not knowing the bride or the groom! After putting on my “thoughtful” thinking cap I found just what I wanted. I bought her a royal blue enamel picture frame and wrote this on the card. “For his desk…with your picture!” They loved my gift! I had no idea their personality let alone their favorite color and I chose blue for boy. I knew it would be fun for them to chose the picture. Hopefully my gift will be a keepsake.

So make your list, think long and hard what would make a loved one or friend happy and run out over the holidays and do something “GOOD.” Buy those you love a special keepsake.

Warmly, Honey