Spring 2016 Fashion

Spring 2016 Fashion, from runway to real life
By Susan "Honey" Good

Spring is in the air and on the cover of almost every magazine I have walked by of late. My style is never dictated by trends, as I mentioned in this vintage wardrobe story here. However, I love to see what is new in fashion, as so many of we women do.

And while the designer runways are often filled with clothes I can't actually see myself donning, I do love getting inspired by the newest colors and trends for spring, don't you?

Today, I've gathered what I feel are some of the most wearable fashion trends for 2016. You may not wear them as the models on the runway did, but I'm confident you can take these trends from the runway to the real world.

White Shirt Redux

I know you'll love this trend, darlings. They're calling it "white shirt redux." I call it, classics never go out of style. True, the new versions are funkier than perhaps anything you or I have in our own wardrobes, but I find even these runway styles rather wearable

(Shown: Fendi, Proenza Schouler via popsugar.)

Pretty Pleats

Pleats are having a moment again and I love it! Just one more reason that some of our classic pieces remain timeless... because they work! Pleats can be so flattering and feminine when worn properly. True, I probably won't be wearing any of these runway looks, per se, but I'll reinvent them in my own way with some classic pieces or perhaps something new.

(Shown: Chanel and Balmain via popsugar.)

Spring Sparkle

I find that no matter how many years come and go, I never tire of sparkle. Which is certainly not to suggest that I go about town in sequins, however, perhaps it is the little girl in me that always appreciates a little shine

At any rate, sparkle is big for spring according to the "experts " -- of course, I have to ask, was it ever really out of style? I think not! I think a little sparkle on your outfit is as timeless as the sparkle in your eyes ;) 

(Shown: Carolina Herrera and Emilio Pucci via popsugar.com)

What do you think of these spring "trends?" Do you follow the runway shows? I'd love to hear how you feel about fashion. Do tell! You can comment below or connect with me onFacebookTwitter and Instagram. Let's talk!