Spring Cleaning 101

Spring Cleaning

By Brynne Ramella. Temperatures were above freezing for the first time in, what feels like, forever here in Chicago this weekend. Spring is so close that you can almost feel it. And Spring is a time for rebirth and fresh starts. One way you can implement this mantra into your life is by giving your home a thorough spring cleaning! Here's how you can get your home looking sparkling clean and fresh.

  1. Work your way down. The most efficient way to clean your entire house is start at the top and work your way down. Or if you live in a one-story house, try moving from left to right. Tidy, dust, clean and vacuum, and then move on to the next room. Continue this cleaning order in every room in your house to ensure efficiency.
  2. Get rid of your junk. After tidying up every room in your house, you should have acquired a healthy junk pile. Box up that junk and divide it into two categories: garbage and Goodwill.
  3. Clean your curtains. If you do not clean your curtains once a year, they could rot. Be sure you know exactly what kind of material your curtains are made of, because certain fabrics need to be dry cleaned, whereas others can be washed.
  4. Take care of the beds. Give every bed in your house the works! First, flip your mattress. This is actually supposed to be done every three months, so many of us are probably overdue to do this. This is also a great time to wash your sheets and blankets. If your pillows have gone lumpy, this is also a great time to buy some new ones. Keeping your bedding fresh is so worth it, because sleeping in clean sheets is the best feeling in the world, right!?
  5. Take your work outside! Don't forget to tidy up the outside of your house! Take this time to freshen up your plants and maybe give your front door a fresh coat of paint. And if you feel comfortable doing so or know someone who can help you out, clean your gutters, too.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips? Share them with us!