Summer Home Detox!

By: Debbie Stevenson

A healthy home environment is critical to any home detox.  We tend to think of pollution when it is outside and far away that we can see it.  But did you know that the air inside our house is up to five times more polluted than the air outside on the worst polluted day? This means that we are inhaling toxins and absorbing chemicals on a daily basis. Yikes! Luckily there are a few simple steps we can take to make our homes healthy and toxin-free.

Detoxify Your Home

  1. Open a Window – many times our bedroom has direct airflow between it and the bathroom. And without substantial air flow through open windows or exhaust fans, the products used in our bathrooms, i.e. nail polish removers, hair sprays, and perfumes permeates the air over the bed and hangs there. You breathe these gases in while you are sleeping. Simple SolutionOpen a window daily to air out your bedroom and bathroom; and other rooms that don't get much air circulation.
  2. Don’t Let There Be Light – since the caveman days, humans have been creatures of the daytime and less active at night. Today due to inexpensive lighting, we have become active 24/7 working, travelling, and playing all hours of the day and night. But our bodies still naturally prepare for “sleep” when it gets dark. We still need darkness to sleep well. Melatonin is called the “hormone of darkness” because it regulates the sleep-wake cycle. But did you know that just a flash of light in the middle of the night is enough to signal your body that night is ending and it’s time to get up, whether it is or not…melatonin production is immediately ramped down. Simple Solution: Buy blackout curtains for bedroom windows and avoid turning on a light if you have to make a trip to the bathroom, if possible. Taking a melatonin supplement just before bed will help your bodies natural sleep process. This is the high quality melatonin supplement that I use.
  3. Red Is Better Than Blue or White – recent studies indicate that melatonin is most sensitive to light in the blue range, which unfortunately is the color of light used in many electronic gadgets such as clock radios and alarm clocks to cell phones, DVD players, game consoles and modems. Simple Solution: if you want a good restful sleep, buy night-lights, alarm clocks and other bedroom electronics that are illuminated with red light, which is less disturbing to melatonin production than white or blue light.
  4. Air Out Your Dry Cleaning – what is dry cleaning anyway? Most of us don’t have a clue what’s involved in the process of dry cleaning. The point is for our clothes to look clean and crisp and that we don’t have to do the work to get them that way. But did you know that this is actually a wet process? It’s called dry cleaning because the cleaning agents aren’t water soluble.  Secondly, the process doesn’t leave your clothes clean – it leaves them polluted with the chemical perchloroethylene. But here’s the kicker: the cleaning process that removes the dirt does not remove the dry cleaning solution. Your clothes are still soiled–not with ketchup or coffee, but with toxic chemicals. Simple Solution: Unwrap and air out your dry-cleaned clothes for at least two days in an exterior area, like a garage-never in a closet or bedroom.
  5. Be BPA Free – Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical found in certain hard plastic products, including some baby bottles – that are linked to neural and behavioral problems in infants. It is also found in many of the containers we use in the kitchen to store, prepare, and serve food in. Heating, microwaving, and repeated washing in dish washers is enough to allow dangerous chemicals to leach out. Simple Solution:  Purchase glass storage containers, measuring cups, and baby bottles. Discard all plastic items that can degrade, crack, and leach toxins into your food.
  6. Visit the website and sign-up for your own free account to learn how to make your home toxin-free. Even better, buy the corresponding book, The Healthy Home, filled with excellent ideas and practical steps to purify your home environment. Fifteen bucks well spent!
  7. Clean out your pantry and refrigerator getting rid of everything that has high fructose corn syrup or aspartame in it and anything with the word “enriched” and “hydrogenated” on the label. All of these are chemicals that can cause auto immune diseases, obesity, and many other degenerative diseases.
  8. Cut down on wrinkle-free – did you know that PFCs (Perfluorochemicals) which include the nonstick additive Teflon is added to fabrics for durability, stain resistance, and wrinkle resistance? PFCs cannot be metabolized or broken down by our bodies therefore accumulating in our cells causing reproductive and developmental problems and liver and bladder cancer. Clothing labeled as “no iron” most likely contains PFCs. Simple Solution: Five minutes of ironing will spare you from a lifetime of PFC exposure and health issues such as thyroid disruption, immune suppression, and cancer.

Oh and yes, OPEN A WINDOW.  xxoo

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