Style: This Is All You Need For A Stylish Spring + Summer

By Susan "Honey" Good

Less is more, dear readers, especially when it comes to style. What I mean is that a few flattering, well tailored pieces will serve you better than a closet full of trends. Here's what is on my Spring + Summer "musts" list. Do tell, what's on yours?

#1: Something Floral

I feel like a garden in this outfit (above)! Do you love it? I do! And, really, isn't that all that matters?

Something floral is a must for the season. If you're not as comfortable in long floral pants as I am, opt for something smaller, like a blouse or even an accessory.

And, if you love my pants, stay tuned… this Saturday I'm going to share more pictures and details about my entire outfit! After all, we need to keep this friendship going :) Tune back in then!  

#2: The Perfect Hat

As many of you know my Panama hat is really from my trip to Panama, but no matter where you get yours, a flattering hat is the ideal way to minimize sun exposure while always looking chic. 

Plus, as a woman who had Melanoma, I want to personally remind you of the importance of proper sun protection. This hat should be paired with SPF, as well. I shared my favorites last spring HERE, and, I will update this list again for you soon, dear readers!

Searching for your own Panama Hat? Here are a few options at different price points:

Less than $50: Halogen Straw Panama Hat; $39 at Nordstrom. Buy now here.
Less than $150: Sensi Studio's 'Classic' Panama hat is hand-woven by indigenous artisans in the Andes; $120 at Net-a-Porter. Buy now here.
Less than $250: Rag & Bone classic panama hat crafted of 100% Panama straw; $230 at Intermix. Buy now here.

#3 A Flattering Swimsuit

I hope you are not afraid of swimsuit season. I am comfortable in my own skin and I like the way I look in my bathing suit, pictured above. 

What's my secret? A commitment to being healthy, both outside and within. A loving partner in Shelly; he tells me I am beautiful! And, my friends, I focus on the good.

Maybe you dislike your arms but you have nice legs, for example? Well then, let the positive guide you. Fix the negatives if you can, and toss-away bad feelings about anything you cannot change. 

#4: A Pair of Sunglasses That You Adore!

I'm a tiny bit addicted to sunglasses, as you may have noticed. Mine are prescription because, of course, I need help to see the tiny little print that has suddenly overtaken the world ;-) I'm certain that print was much larger back in the day… aren't you? 

Make sure you own a pair you love. Make sure they have your prescription lenses, if needed.

Don't be afraid to invest in this accessory because it is one of the most important items you will don, both for function and fashion.

#5 The Classic White Shirt

I know what you are thinking, and, no, I will not stop writing about the importance of a classic white shirt in every woman's wardrobe. Make that several white shirts!

There is just nothing more timeless in my book! This is another element of your wardrobe that I would consider splurging on.

What splurge means certainly depends on each woman and her budget but A well tailored, well-made, white shirt will serve you  endlessly and keep you in style, always. 

Read about some of my favorite white shirts here.