Stats on Grandparents


In Michigan City, Indiana, on Lake Michigan still sits a white-framed house with green shutters and a white picket fence: my grandmother and grandfather’s family beach home. I have many happy memories there. I think of my grandmother’s laugh, delicious fresh ears of corn simmering in the large pot on top of her stove, building sandcastles in the sand, on the water’s shore with my cousins; waiting for my grandmother to come down to the beach with baskets of food for lunch. Our family stayed together because we spent time together. My grandmother loved being a grandmother. She was the glue that held our family together. I did some research and found these facts to share with you about US, the grandmother (and grandfather) of 2014. We as GRANDmothers continue to be the glue and the Matriarch of our family. Grandparents love being grandparents! Here are some statistics: 

  • 90% of us talk about our grandchildren to just about everyone.
  • 72% think being a grandparent is the single most important thing in their life.
  • We are younger than before. In 2015, 60% of us will be baby boomer grandparents.
  • Grandparents are active: 43% exercise and play sports. 28% volunteer on a regular basis.
  • Grandparents are computer literate: 75% of us are online and 70% of us use search engines to find information. We are also very tech savvy! 63% of us shop online and 30% instant message.
  • Grandparent’s work! 60% have full time jobs and 23% of us have our own business.
  • WE ARE MODERN and yet…86% of us bake cookies for our family.
  • 33 % of us have been married more than once. 
  • 38% of us have sex at least twice a week. 
  • 10% have a tattoo. 
  • 17% have attended a rally and 15% have demonstrated 
  • 7% have used recreational drugs and 2% have skydived.
  • We have money! We control 75% of the wealth in America. Our average net-worth is $254,000. We spend $2 trillion every year on consumer goods and services. 55% do not have a mortgage.
  • We are generous: We make 45% of the nation’s cash contributions to nonprofits, and many grandparents support their adult children and grandchildren.
  • WE LOVE OUR GRANDKIDS! We spend 52 billion every year on our grandchildren and 32 billion a year on education. 62% of us provided financial support to our adult children and grandchildren in the last year: 70% on cash for day-to-day expenses, 40% on housing (mortgage or rent), 23% on daycare, 21% on education.
  • We enjoy life and have fun! We spend 100 billion on entertainment and 77 billion each year on travel.
  • WE LOVE TO SPEND TIME WITH OUR GRANDCHILDREN. 60% of us live near our grandchildren, while 46% wish they could live even closer. 70% see their grandchildren at least once a week, and 66% travel with their grandchildren. 81% have their grandkids for part or all of their summer vacation. 72% of us take care of our grandchildren on a regular basis, and 13% are primary caregivers 

Though the years have past since I was that young child munching on my grandmother’s delicious ear of corn (GRANDMA tip: she taught me to always put a dab of sugar in the boiling water) in her charming beach home and now a grandmother myself (20 grandchildren in my blended family) the role of the grandmother has not changed…we are continuing on as the Matriarchs of our families. How special is that!?