STYLE: My Sunglass Collection

Sunglasses for Women

By Susan "Honey" Good

I love sunglasses! I do own quite a few pairs (pictured above) however, dear readers, I have been collecting these for quite literally decades! 

As you can see, my taste in sunglasses (or "sunnies" as the young girls call them) ranges from classic to funky… perhaps with a little more emphasis on the funky side ;-)

If you are a sunglass lover, as I am, here are a few tips for finding and maintaining the chicest of glasses...

  1.  Protect your eyes! Buy glasses that are marked 100% UV protection.  
  2. Bigger is truly better. The larger the sunglasses and the more coverage, the less sun damage caused to eyes.  
  3. Consider the shape of your face!  

    A heart shaped face pairs well with cat eye or sport glasses.

    A round face is complemented by square or retro square glasses.

    An oval face is best with aviator or oversized glasses.

    Finally, a square shaped face will be most flattered by round or aviator glasses.  
  4. Here is how to keep your sunnies looking new...

    Always carry glasses in a hard, sturdy case when not being worn.  

    Don't wear them atop your head as this tends to distort the shape. Wear them on the eyes only!

    Clean lenses with a gentle lens solution and never wipe the lenses when they are dry.  (No more swiping your T-shirt across your sunglasses, ladies!)  

    Finally, check the screws regularly and if you find a loose one, tighten it with a small screwdriver.  You don't want to have a screw loose, do you? 

 Now, a little about my collection for those of you who are curious…  

In the above photo, I am wearing a decades-old, still favorite pair of powder blue sunglasses from Barry Kieselstein. There is an embellishment on them that I adore, gold angel wings. Or at least, that's what I like to think of them as.

The citrus colored pair are Chanel. Would you dare wear glasses this bold? I do and it is such fun! I promise you, you can't help but remain VISIBLE + VIBRANT in glasses like these. Just remember to invest in prescription lenses so you can SEE while you remain chic + relevant! 

The round black pair are by a great sunglass maker called DITA

This company approaches sunglasses as artisans would. In fact, the creation of just one DITA frame can take as many as 320 separate productions steps over 8 months. They are truly works of art! 

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