Summer Florals for the Home

By: Honey Good

Happy Summer Saturday, darlings! I love fresh flowers around my home, don't you? Farmer's Market season has arrived as well as some of the best blooms you'll see all year. Also one of the best times to be in home sweet home! Due to my love affair with flowers, I decided awhile back to learn how to arrange my own florals to the likes of the professionals. 

It's easier than you think...all it takes is a bit of creativity, a variety of pretty vessels and your favorite fresh blooms. Even Martha will be jealous!

My favorite flower of all time has got to be the peony. Their scent is heavenly and the volume they produce makes arranging them a cinch. 

Here are my no-fail instructions:

  1. Grab your scissors and your favorite vase. It can be a mason jar, a short stout vase, an antique pewter name it!
  2. Find your double sided tape and begin making a grid in a criss cross pattern. Essentially your making a foundation to support your arrangement. 
  3. Start with the outside layer first by cutting four flowers to anchor your arrangement and place one in each of the four corners. These are your longest stems. You can then begin to fill in the perimeter.
  4. Finish by filling in the remaining grid cutting at various heights depending on how full your buds are. 
  5. A peony arrangement like this works best in a 9" diameter vase. If the buds aren't fully open you can fit anywhere from 12-14 peonies in a singular arrangement.

There you have it! The larger the bloom, the easier it is to ornament your home in peonies leaving a faint scent in every single room.

Quick Tip: Always use lukewarm water when trimming your flowers. Warm water stimulates the stems encouraging growth and a longer lifespan. 

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