Tabata Be Kidding Me!

By: Lina Midla

Are you ready for a fast, efficient workout that will leave you panting, sweating, and jello-legged?

I've got just the workout for you! The “Tabata Be Kidding Me” workout uses a style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) called Tabata that helps you get more out of your workouts in less time. Tabata-style training also helps you to achieve Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), or afterburn that creates an uptick in the metabolic rate for a few hours AFTER you finish! Tabata-style training is a great way to incorporate HIIT and strength training into a killer workout, especially if you are short on time.

Your goal is to remain consistent with your high intensity repetitions/speed or increase your repetitions/speed each round. Your goal is to NEVER. SLOW. DOWN.

Before taking on this workout challenge, I recommend downloading a free Tabata app to your phone to manage your timing.

Instructions: Perform each rep for 8 rounds of Tabata – 4 minutes – before moving on to the next exercise.

 The Moves

  1. Treadmill Sprints
  2. Heavy Wide Shoulder Press
  3. Bench Jump Overs (place hands on the bench and jump both feet from one side up and over to the other side)
  4. Push-Ups
  5. Side Lunges (4 times right leg, 4 times left leg)
  6. Heavy Bent Over Rows
  7. Squat Jumps (try to get some height!)

 **Finish the workout with a 1 minute all-out treadmill sprint**

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LINA MIDLA - Exercise/Fitness 

Lina Midla is the Chief Training Officer for the Chicago-based national fitness studio, The Barre Code. She teaches fitness classes across multiple formats including kickboxing, barre, and HIIT. Lina has a passion for strong black coffee, relentless positivity, and has an unwavering desire to help you become your strongest, happiest, and most confident self! Follow her on Instagram: @SizeStrong and Twitter@IAmSizeStrong or visit