MOTHER'S DAY: Top Tech Gifts For Moms

By Jennifer Stern of Digital Seniors Canada, Guest Contributor

Once a year, gifting daughters, sisters, aunts, moms and all the special women in our lives that make up our “village” of support is the least we can do. Appreciation comes in many forms. While some women love flowers, chocolate or spa gift cards, there are lots of moms and women who could use a slice of convenience for all they do. If you’re looking to break with tradition this year, there are plenty of choices in the tech world that won’t break your budget.  And lots of choices for those who want to go all out too! 

Tech meets tradition

If you’re looking to match tradition with technology, you can splurge for something really cool (or hot), like a Wi-Fi-enabled precision cooker, allowing a busy working mom to prepare dinner remotely from the office. Yes, even cooking is online! It’s much safer than programming the oven and can be controlled from any internet device. This is a total game-changer for working parents, especially if the chef is stuck at the office later than expected or wants to experiment as only great chefs do. While I haven’t tried it yet, this sous-vide style of cuisine is sure to be a hit with tech-loving moms or smart phone dependant parents who are not at home until dinner time and hunger hits. 

Polaroid makes a comeback

With all the cameras incorporated into gadgets these days, lots of click-happy moms are turning to a renewed interest in snap-and-print cameras to avoid having picture files saved in multiple devices. Yup, the old ‘Polaroid’ style camera is back from the past. These handy cameras have been updated to the digital world so it’s now easy to print on demand, save and share on social media digital copies of the same pic. The best part? Not having to shake that print out like a maniac, waiting for the image to appear. 

For the stylish techie

Stylish isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking about fitness trackers, but these days there are some great models on the market that could pass as designer accessories, not just pedometers. There are even inter-changeable bands available for some models, allowing users to change wrist band colours to match their outfits. These trendy trackers aren’t just for elite athletes, they help monitor overall health, from day-to-day activity and sleep quality towater intake and calorie counting. 

For those on a tight budget

If you’re looking to treat a mom of young kids, there are great shock-absorbing phone cases that protect fragile devices from being dropped (by small adorable hands). These cases look sleek and are unnoticeable for the most part but can really come in handy when the going gets rough. For moms with older kids who have phones of their own, you can forgo the protective case and opt for something more stylish and original, making it easy to identify her own phone when it’s on the counter next to another one, as some family telecom plans are limited to the same models. You only need to know the model and make of the phone be sure the case fits. 

For busy on-the-go moms mobile phone chargers that can be plugged into car outlets are a useful and inexpensive gift that can really save the day. For driving moms that don't have Bluetooth calling in their cars, you can also add a dashboard phone mount, allowing that busy taxi mom to carefully use navigation without compromising safety. 

With all the handy tools available, offering the mothers on your list practical gifts doesn't have to be boring or predictable anymore. Why not replace the stereotypes like bubble bath and flowers to something more current and fun?