How To Do Thanksgiving on a Budget

thanksgiving pie

A few weeks ago, we shared how to stay healthy during the holidays. With Thanksgiving being a little over a week away, it's time to start thinking about what you will include in your meal. So, why not try it on a budget?

  1. Pick vegetables that are in season. If you pick out a veggie that is in season, you will get better flavors and more for your money. For examples, Brussels sprouts hit their peak around Thanksgiving. Therefore, farmers' markets will plenty on sale. With so many being available, the price will be at a reasonable price. Just do a quick Google search to see what else is in season!
  2. Buy a turkey from the supermarket. While certain speciality turkeys have a great flavor, they can be priced around $10 a pound. On the other hand, if you get a turkey from the supermarket, they will be priced closer to $2 per pound. And you can even buy seasoning to spice up the turkey and still keep it cheaper than speciality turkeys.
  3. Bake from scratch.  This way, you can control both the taste and the cost. You can bake up your own bread for about $7. And instead of spending money at a bakery for a top-of-the-line pie, bake your own for only about $15.
  4. Replace some fresh ingredients with canned. The tastes are comparable, and canned foods are far cheaper than fresh ingredients.
  5. Stray from the recipe. If you don't want to include every single spice that your recipe calls for when making stuffing, just pick your favorite. Figure out when you can replace ingredients with cheaper alternatives, such as swapping out canned stock in soup for water. Cut corners where you can, without sacrificing the taste of your meal.
  6. Make it a potluck. This is the easiest way to save money during Thanksgiving - have your friends and family contribute. Not only will it spare you from purchasing every component of the meal, but it will be fun to see what your guests whip up!

Spending less money means stressing less during the holidays. So, you will have plenty of time to enjoy time with your family and friends!