The Best Magnifying Mirrors

The Best Magnifying Mirrors

By Susan "Honey" Good

Once a week, I write about beauty. My tips have been so well received which led me to think that I've been remiss in mentioning the absolute, hands down, most important tip for looking gorgeous after 50... use a magnifying mirror so that you can see what you're doing, darlings! I hope you get a chuckle over this tip and yet, at our age, you probably know that I'm very serious. Here are a few to try...

Tweezerman LED Lighted 15x Magnifying Mirror, online here

We all know how amazing Tweezerman tweezers are, but so are their mirrors; especially this magnifying one. With lighting around the whole thing and suction cups that allow you to place it at eye level, it’s perfect for travel as well. From applying makeup to putting your contacts in, to tweezing those stray hairs, never miss a thing with the crystal clear image and illuminating perimeter.

 Conair Satin Chrome LED Vanity Magnifying Mirror, online here

I love the lighting on this Conair mirror. Not only are the lights energy efficient, saving up to 70% more energy than most mirrors, but they boast a lifetime guarantee so you’ll never have to change the bulb. The satin chrome finish make it the perfect addition to a chic bathroom.

Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror, online here

I adore lighted magnifying mirrors, but sometimes the lights aren’t natural. Not anymore with this mirror by Simplehuman. The lights simulate natural sunlight so one never has to worry about unblended or uneven makeup again. The lights are also rechargeable so this is the perfect magnifying mirror for traveling and they are even motion sensored, so they’ll automatically turn on when it’s time for you to use it.

Zadro Next Generation LED Lighted Vanity Mirror 1X & 5X Magnification, online here

This mirror gives you the best of both worlds with two magnifying sides. Side one has 1x magnification,  perfect for applying makeup with precision while side two has 5x magnification for tweezing. Plus the lights are battery operated, so you won’t be limited by a cord.

Do you use a magnifying mirror? If so, what brand do you swear by? Do tell!