The Best Places To Retire In The World

The Best Places To Retire In The World

By Nicole Noel, Guest Contributor

A dream-come-true for many retirees is to spend their retirement days surrounded by beautiful nature, in warm, exotic places, and far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Among the leading reasons for moving away is the cost of living, safety, health perks and of course, the alluring climate.

Based on the past years’ trends, here are the most appealing destinations for you to retire in style and spend your non-working days carefree and in the company of marvelous wildlife and serene surroundings.

The Five Best Places To Retire In The World

1.     Costa Rica

Among the safest countries in Latin America, Costa Rica boasts a diverse natural beauty along with perfect accommodation, low costs of living, and versatile activities not just suitable for an occasional vacation, but equally attractive to keep you happy throughout the year. Moreover, Costa Rica ranks high on the list of countries who appreciate your individual freedom!

Sunbathing in their gorgeous beaches alone is more than enough to get you hooked on this heaven on Earth, while their tropical rainforests provide you with an ideal climate year-round. Renting is possible for under $1,000, which leaves retirees with plenty of funds for their necessities as well as added activities such as fun hikes in nature, exquisite restaurant dinners and amazing dance evenings.

The Best Places To Retire In The World

2.     Mexico

Already teeming with expats as well as exceptionally friendly locals, Mexico has been on the list of the best places to retire in the world for decades now. Mexico can provide a first-world quality of life for the fraction of the cost in other countries especially due to the lower worth of peso compared to the dollar.

The weather is diverse thanks to Mexico’s impressive vast territory, so you can live in the warm and mild highlands in towns such as Guanajuato, or in the sunny coastal spots with perfect summer climate. As a retiree and a Mexican resident, which is surprisingly easy to qualify for, you get numerous perks such as discounts on flights, bus rides, museum and other cultural institution tickets, etc.

The Best Places To Retire In The World

3.     Sydney

Perhaps an unexpected name on the list, but this diverse city offers a wide variety of options for people of all ages and preferences, making it a very lively, yet peaceful destination for retirees who are looking to find one of the best places to retire in the world. For instance, luxurious retirement villages in Sydney are famous for their impeccable resort-like accommodation that will perpetuate that feeling of being on vacation.

With health care to safeguard your peace of mind, along with access to sublime, intact nature reserves and with a view that will only inspire serenity, you can spend your days immersed in reading your favorite books, or in versatile social activities. Then again, you’re only a hop away from the busy lifestyle of one of the world’s most iconic cities in the world, so you can pick your pace and make the most of every moment spent there.

The Best Places To Retire In The World

4.     Malaysia

If you’re worried that this distant location might present a language barrier, fret not – there’s a large population of Americans, Australians and the British living in Malaysia, so English is one of the main spoken languages. Moreover, all the perks of modern life, including public transportation and entertainment options along with top-notch healthcare make this an ideal destination for your retirement.

You can live in the busy capital of Kuala Lumpur, own your property even as a foreigner, and rent and afford the basic needs for approximately $1,200 per month, with a whole range of affordable activities to enrich your days, including visits to their famous religious festivals.

The Best Places To Retire In The World

5.     Malta

An island with a reputation for its Eden-like beauty, Malta is often overlooked as one of the best places to retire in the world, although its popularity is slowly increasing over the past years, and with plenty of good reasons! This Mediterranean gem might be small compared to other destinations on this list, but its mesmerizing quality of life will certainly make it one of your top choices.

A tiny melting pot of English speaking population, this culturally diverse nook offers very affordable healthcare, a stunning living environment with never-ending fun festivities and sites of unparalleled historical value such as temples and forts. You can spend your days exploring the islands of Malta and Gozo alike, while the coastline is always perfect for activities such as diving, snorkelling and swimming.

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