The Best Snack Bars to Fight Midday Hunger


By Meredith Fritz. You work long hours. Time easily slips through your fingers when your day is jam packed with meetings and deadlines. Often before you know it, it’s 3pm and you are starving and the donuts left in the kitchen at work are screaming your name. This is when you need the snack bar that you brought with you to silence the voice of the donut monster. Below are my favorite snack bars that aren’t too high in sugar, carbs, or artificial ingredients. Throw one of these bars in your bag each morning and it will help you stick to your diet.

  • RxBars - I recently came across these bars from my co-worker. At our gym we are always looking for a healthy snack bar to eat during our late afternoon hours before our evening clients hit the gym. RxBars were referred to my co-worker through his friend who’s also in the fitness industry. This is a local Chicago product that created a product that never contains dairy, soy, gluten, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, whey, artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols, GMOs, or preservatives. These bars have a chewy consistency and come in flavors such as Coffee Cacao, Coconut Cacao, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Peanut Butter. You can purchase them online at
  • KIND Bars - If you are looking for a bar that you can buy anywhere, grab a KIND Bar. They have countless flavor options to match your favorite flavors. I recommend grabbing the bars that are advertised as lower in sugar. My personal favorite is the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar. Look for these anywhere you buy your groceries or you can order them in bulk online.
  • Jimmy Bars - Another local Chicago product, Jimmy Bars have a different consistency that RxBars but still use dates as their main ingredients. The main thing I want you to look for when you are looking at the nutritional information is the amount of sugar that it contains. Very quickly these bars can have similar nutritional break downs as a candy bar, there is no need for a bar to contain more that 25g of sugar. Jimmy Bars are relatively low in sugar, carbs, and high in protein. My favorite flavor is Peanut Butter and these can be purchased online at
  • Quest Bars - In the health world, Quest Bars are everywhere. They are low in carb and gluten free. The consistency isn’t as appetizing as some of the other bars out there but from a nutritional standpoint, they are right on the money. These bars are insanely low is sugar but they do contain artificial sweeteners.

This is my short list of go-to bars. If these bars don’t fit with your taste buds just make sure you take a look at the ingredient list and the nutritional value. If it looks similar to the nutritional value of a Snickers candy bar, put the bar down and walk away.