The Honey Good Style of Life


Welcome to Honey Good, I welcome you with open arms as my team and I unwrap Honey Good. I have my grandchildren and husband Shelly to thank for my authentic name. All 20 of my grandchildren call me “Honey” and I chose a husband whose last name is “Good.” Talk about “A Style of Life!”

Honey Good is a collection of lessons and resources delving into all facets of life for women of all ages. I envision representing “a family tree of women” -- wives, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, sisters, aunts, cousins and girlfriends -- coming together to talk about what makes us tick as well as what we have in common. We will discuss problem solving and our life experiences with wisdom, humor and intellect, enabling all of us to attain more! "A Honey Good Style of Life.”

At Honey Good, we will always think “out-of-the-box,” offering you hundreds of interesting, informative and entertaining articles by many professional writers and experts. Topics will range from travel, pets, family relationships, recipes, entertaining, fashion and beauty to great reads, movie reviews and financial matters. All these topics encompass “A Honey Good Style of Life.”

As a woman who has earned her PhD in life, I have gathered a large list of topics to address in my posts . I am also at your calling to answer your problems or questions with my one-on-one response line, “Ask Honey.” I write in an upbeat manner and stress that it’s never too late to start where you are and venture to where you have never been. My Style of Life!

Warmly, Honey