The Importance of Listening to Your Heart


I lead an amazing life even with hiccups. Hiccups are part of life. I tend to have a disposition that “rolls” with my hiccups. I always say to myself, “it could be worse.”  But then, I pick myself up and start all over again…as the song goes. Except…what happens to your soul when you don’t listen to your heart? You hiccup. I have hiccupped non-stop for 24 years. Why? I said “yes” to my husband Shelly when he asked me if I would like to move to Palm Springs during the Winter season.  I knew I did not want to spend time in Palm Springs when I first laid eyes on the landscape. I saw mountains that were rocky and brown, cactuses with thorny bristles, sandy vacant land and lots of open areas of grassless land. You have to understand that I was coming from a life in Honolulu, where I woke up to the smell of the sea. I saw the beautiful Diamond Head Mountain outside my window and had a home filled with Orchids. So, why did I say yes? 

I said yes because I love my husband. He loves the desert. I thought I would be able to adjust to living in Palm Springs.

I was wrong.

Many people don’t understand that one’s environment plays a huge role in a person’s feeling of contentment. My visual happiness makes my soul sing. My soul does not sing in Palm Springs. I feel lonely in my environment. So, what have I tried to do to change my mojo?

Our home is like a garden. It is filled with orchids and huge live trees. Our area around our pool is very tropical with wicker furniture and palm trees. I feel all nestled in with Shelly and Orchid when I am home.

I have many friends, learned to play golf and cards and really tried to love my “good” fortune. I appreciate all that I have large and small, but I cannot love Palm Springs.

My friends know I do not like the desert. That is what Palm Spring people call the area:“The desert!” The word itself makes me feel lonely inside.

As I sit on the plane as it takes off for Chicago, I look out my window at the desert landscape. My heart sings as I leave it behind. I am going home to my window views of Lake Michigan and the boat harbor filled with sailboats. I am going home to many members of my family. I am going home to a city life that is filled with energy. I am going home!

This twenty-four year mistake taught me a lesson. I always listen to what my heart tells me. I now know how to say, "no."

My friends ask me: Are you going to sell your home. My answer: “Not today. But who knows about tomorrow."