The Right to Assess and Invest in Fall

By: Roberta and Helene

The leaves haven’t turned
The grass is still green (except in L.A.)
The flowers are still blooming (except in L.A.)
The temperatures are still rising

YET, the mannequins in store windows are dressed for the POLAR VORTEX! And on every newsstand fashion magazines are whetting the appetite of the female beast to shop for Fall.

What you see can be overwhelming. So many coats, so many dresses, so many tops and so many bottoms.  So many decisions——What’s worth investing in? Before you go shopping take stock of what you already own. It may be just the right time for a CLOSET CLEANSE! 

Our clients choose Team Stylists, especially at the beginning of a new season, for our expertise and objective eye in advising what to hold on to and what to let go of.
We emphasize that wearing clothing that is outdated and past its prime might make you look outdated and past your prime. It is important to know what still fits right. You may be one of the lucky ones to be the same size as you were a decade ago, but guaranteed, your body proportion has changed.  While much has gone south, the waist has probably gone north. You need clothes that fit the body you are in today.  Once you have assessed and edited your closet portfolio, you are ready to go shopping and invest you money wisely. For a more productive and cost effective experience take Team Stylists with you.


The free spirit of the 70's that began in Spring continued with a vengeance into Fall 2015.  Strong on every runway was the folkloric influence evidenced in Victorian frilled collars, romantic lace, embroidery, tapestry, rich velvets and opulent brocades. Patchwork textures at Etro and Chloe made a big impact as well. Hemlines Midi and Maxi out. And….that’s not all there is. Take a break from skinny and find your flare in jeans by Rag and Bone etc. and in wide leg trousers by Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Dries Van Noten.  Fringe falls from hemlines, handbags, shoes, shawls and ponchos. In fact, fringe falls from nearly everything.

Snowbirds will soon snuggle up in fluffy fun furs while others might tend to try a long, sleeveless vest as an alternative to the coat. Ponchos, cool capes and floor sweeping dusters are strong finishers carried over from last season’s Boho Chic. Call TS to connect with the Worth Collection and view their amazing selection of ponchos and shawls (from $249 to $298). WORTH the money!

As for color the Fall/Winter trends really grab our attention. Whatever your color chart may say, your best bet for Fall is to get out of the black and into the red! These captivating reds range from scarlet, tomato, and crimson to merlot, marsala, and full bodied bordeaux.
Whether you drink it or wear it, all eyes are on the lady in red. She plays a leading role in the collections by Ferragamo, Dior and Hermes. Black is still beautiful but gets stiff competition from navy, eggplant, charcoal, and stormy weather gray. 

Olive green, once used for military and safari, is a staple as a sophisticated and chic color choice. You will be green with envy in the Alice and Olivia sweater trimmed with a dyed to match fox collar (now at Neiman Marcus). No snow yet, but prepare for a WHITEOUT! There was no shortage of stark white pieces all over the runways. All white now is all right now! When in the mood for a calming effect look to the new neutrals.  Marni, Michael Kors, Fendi, and Loro Piana wowed us with soft cream, ivory, cognac and camel. There is enough color to cater to all of your fashion cravings.  Quiet or playful, subtle or strong, what will you choose to paint your wardrobe in this Fall????

Team Stylists has a wonderful experience at the Neiman Marcus Fashion Show (Images above) this week. The models were gorgeous in sumptuous fabrics and provocative combinations. What luscious eye candy! Jewels, crystals, pearls, furs (fun and real), enough imaginative creativity to awaken our passion for fashion and take it from RUNWAY TO REALITY!

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