The Right to Bare Arms

In the 18th century the second amendment to the Constitution gave us the right to BEAR arms. Did it anticipate that in the 21st century some of us would rather BEAR arms than BARE arms? When it comes to arms and the aging woman, you don’t need a history lesson. If you are like us, you’ve tried it all - lifted weights, done pilates, practiced yoga and moisturized extensively and expensively. But the skin still had a mind of its own. It went South.  

How did my once velvety - smooth arms become so dry and crinkled?  Should my arms forever be banished from view? I say I want to embrace my flapping arms, but am I evolved enough to do that?

Sizzling days and hot nights are approaching. What winter hides summer throws in your face. No more sleeveless dresses, spaghetti straps and camisoles?  Will I ever again feel sexy and alluring?  

Team Stylists has some tips on how to be “cool” and look “hot”. 


Don’t “shrug” your shoulders at these sleeveless solutions.  It can be as simple as navigating or Nordstrom for a plethora of shrugs in every shape and fabrication. We love our sheer and weightless shrugs by Gaultier that we found at The Real Real. Or this colorful Michael Kors shrug with built-in ventilation for Summer. In a hip way, sleeves wrap around your shoulders exposing a little skin. After all, we still love our shoulders since they are sexy and slower to age. Give them the “cold shoulder”!

ALTERNATIVE: Create sheer magic with a poncho that softly drapes over that strapless dress you’ve been yearning to wear.  It adds a touch of glamour and showcases your sense of style.

A great find under the radar is the opaque, one size fits all, stretch long sleeve top at Nicole’s Boutique, West Hollywood. Choose from a variety of solids and prints at $45.00.  Looks great under your sleeveless shells and dresses. Just when you thought it was time to give that dress up - Voila!  A new look, another solution. It’s only arms length away! Be sure to check out Sleevey Magic or Sassy Sleeves for fashionable sleeves that cover the upper arms giving them a slimming appearance.  A good way to play “hide and chic”.

ALTERATION TIP: A wonderful seamstress can add chiffon sleeves to almost anything. We just added them to a JPG tube dress and a Katherine Hammnett sequin top - two wonderful pieces re-invented and saved from “death row”.

SKIN TIP:  Whatever skin you do show, give it a golden glow with L’Oreal Sublime Self-Tanning Towelettes. We love that they are streak free, quick and convenient. Wipe away...even where the sun doesn’t shine!  

Well “armed" with all this advice, the powerful woman promotes her best and leaves the rest behind!

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Team Stylists, Helene and Roberta have worked as personal stylists for more than three decades. Our strength and our focus are women between the ages of 50 and 80 who are professionals, career persons and those who just want to look their very best..YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY TO WORK WITH A STYLIST!