The Right to Not Be Invisible

By: Roberta and Helene

Magazines dictate what to wear in our 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and sadly ignore the 80’s. Team Stylists take offense to this cookie cutter approach. We like to explore outside the bounds of predictability. Older women are one of the most desirable consumer groups and many achieve their greatest success after the age of 50! Five years ago, how many of us knew what a blog was? We used to blab. Look who’s blogging now!

As we continue to learn and re-invent ourselves (a la Caitlyn Jenner) we must not ignore the importance of updating our style. Team Stylists encourage you to step out of the box, break some rules, push the envelope but keep within the parameters of good taste. Always be mindful of your body type, personality, and how you want to be seen in your world. Fashion promotes new trends every season causing the dilemma “Can I or Can’t I? Should I or Shouldn’t I?" Yes you can and yes you should! Look to designers for inspiration, pluck out those modern touches that work for you and leave the rest behind. If it’s Boho Chic you like but don’t want to look like Cher you can still wear a pair of JBrand flare bottom jeans with a shaped blazer or an Iro leather jacket. There are “fringe benefits” in a crossbody bag by Rebecca Minkoff. You don’t have to be a hippie head to toe. Punctuate your style by developing the art of mixing. If you love color and patterns, try pairing stripes with florals. Go for it but be aware that there is a method to the madness.

Express yourself! Do you emulate a Jane Fonda or a Betsey Johnson. Annette Bening or a Diane Keaton? Look at Iris Apfel, who at 94, takes accessories to the max and never made rules because she said, “I would only break them.” Age should not be the determining factor for having fun with fashion. WHO WANTS TO BE INVISIBLE? Not our women, all over 60 and some over 70!


Helene and Roberta of Team Stylists are a dream come true for me. I am an artist, traveler and amateur chef. I like simple, edgy, no fuss clothing which allows me to move around with ease. They do a superior job of making me look hip and youthful without looking too admirable quality to have as stylists and an important quality to have in the youth driven market of Los Angeles. They have culled together a wardrobe for me from all price points, which allows me to be on trend without being too trendy. And it doesn't hurt that they are lovely, funny, smart women. I could not be more thrilled.

I have been in the fashion business for many years where I had the good fortune of working with Helene and Roberta. We have done personal styling, fashion shows and closet editing together. Although I am now involved in another industry I always refer to them for their expertise. Because of my background, I recognize good talent when I see it. I enthusiastically endorse Team Stylists, Helene and Roberta.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Helene and Roberta of Team Stylists for many years. I feel that they always look out for the best interest of their clients. I am very active in charitable organizations and involved in Temple life as well. I have enjoyed their services be it dressing me for special occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitvahs, Weddings, Charity events or just for a casual lifestyle. They respect my desire to be cutting edge but remain in good taste at every age and every stage.

I have had the experience of working with Team Stylists, Helene and Roberta for many years. They have always interpreted my personal style and were right on target in choosing just the right look for my busy life. I am the owner of Xian, a successful restaurant in Beverly Hills, travel extensively and have a very active social life. Team Stylists have simplified getting dressed. I love their CLOSET CLEANSE - what to keep, what to donate, what to give for resale. My experience with Team Stylists has been nothing but extraordinary.

This grandmother of two sits on the Board of Directors of Helping Hand of Los Angeles at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Although my schedule is a very busy one, Team Stylists have made a difference. I can get up and dress for the part I am playing each day because just the right items are in my closet. Team Stylists never overlook the basics and often combine them with special pieces so that I always present myself fashionably, tastefully and to suit my personality. I am a fan of Team Stylists and I am delighted to recommend them to women of all ages.

I am an avid art collector and on the Board of a Los Angeles Art Museum. I am invited to many art openings which enables me to express myself in interesting and stylish ways. Team Stylists have been in my life for as long as I can remember. Their expertise is unsurpassed. They are definitely my "go to team" as each season approaches. Whether it's about everyday clothes, out to dinner or an art opening, they have it nailed down. Team Stylists are knowledgeable about the latest fashion as well as the "tried and true'" essentials that always work. They know what is appropriate for my age as well as what will compliment my body type and lifestyle. Team Stylists will always be apart of my life no matter what path my life takes.

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Team Stylists, Helene and Roberta have worked as personal stylists for more than three decades. Our strength and our focus are women between the ages of 50 and 80 who are professionals, career persons and those who just want to look their very best.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY TO WORK WITH A STYLIST! Visit the Team Stylists website today to learn more!