The special and unbreakable bond of a woman and her pooch

By Susan "Honey" Good

I believe in love, in honest expression and tolerance. I am a firm believe in the power of goodness and I unfortunately know that the only breathing specie on earth that exhibits these qualities at all times is my dog… ORCHID GOOD. No offense to you, darlings, who feel the same about your pets.

When I was 4 years old I became fascinated by animals and from that early age on I knew I would never be without an animal in my life. My great Aunt Dorothy gave me a chicken and a duck. I named them Chicken Little and Ducky Lucky; put a string around their neck and led them around my home; held them in my lap, sang to them and begged my mother to let me keep them forever. It was not to be the case!

My mother, who was not an animal lover by any sense of the imagination, was not amused when I began bringing home unwanted dogs in third grade! My environment was perfect because we lived in a home with a large yard in a quiet neighborhood in Kankakee by the Sea. When she said, ”no,” I cried and cried and begged and begged with drama, darlings and she named me ‘Sarah (my Hebrew name) and Heartburn’ (my dramatic name) after the actress, Sarah Bernhardt! I won and Sarah Bernhardt would have applauded my acting qualities! I must add when I became a mother I never turned down the several stray animals brought home by one of my daughters!

Over the course of my life I have had several dogs, cats, fish, birds and grown moths that turned into butterflies! I have loved them all but non of my pets have I loved as much as my dog, Orchid Good.

My dog Orchid is God-like in my eyes. She is the perfect example of how the entire human race should behave. She is loving, wise, giving and protective. She is our 41 pounds of love; gorgeous soft-coated Wheaton terrier! Our pooch, Orchid, is loved by all who know her and loved by all who meet her for the first time! I dare say, she is one of the most beloved pets in the building we reside in Chicago.

As I often tell all of you, darlings, my husband is not only my best friend; he is my best girlfriend! Orchid is my other best girlfriend. Her loyalty is unsurpassable.

We hang together. Our early mornings walks are glorious occasions for both of us. In the quiet of the day, I admire the sky, the trees, the flowers, the architecture in my beautiful Chicago as well as the stunning mountains when we walk together in my beautiful Rancho, Mirage California.

I talk to Orchid. I tell her how much I love her and I tell her she is such a good girl. I am stress free. I am peaceful. I rejoice in our togetherness.

Orchid is her happiest too. She sniffs the grass; she tinkles next to the posts other dogs have tinkled! She chooses her route for the day as she gently pulls me to the left or the right or just plants her feet to let me know she wants to turn around!

Our daily walks in Chicago include a walk to the dog park. I take her off leach and off she goes to meet her old doggie friends and the new doggies; with her wagging tail of ‘good morning’ and of course licks all the dog owners. Dogs and owners alike are delighted to see the happy and joyful, Orchid.

She races around the park with the other dogs but stops often and looks around to make sure I am near by. I love the feeling of knowing how much she loves and needs me.

And when I am ready to leave and I call her name, it matters not that she may be playing. She is aware her best girlfriend is leaving the park and off she comes and settles by my side as we leave the park, together.

After our walk and play in the park we stroll a block to the Museum of Contemporary Art to climb the 50 steps, for more exercise, and sit at the very top and watch the world go by below. She is by my side as I read my texts and emails. She relaxes and… just is. I am in my zone of contentment with her warm body touching mine.

Today on our walk, I saw the Mayor jogging on the track at ‘our’ park and thought to myself, Why can’t our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, be more like…ORCHID!

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