Top Haircuts for Women over 50

By: The Honey Good Editorial Team

A great hair cut can trim a decade off your age, no scissors needed. Clean, soft lines flatter faces of all shapes and textures. The long bob, also known as the Lob is a perfect example of a simple cut that's both youthful and chic.  And let's not forget the pixie and the traditional bob... both are classic cuts that boast timeless good style.

The Pixie

Judi Dench has a great pixie cut that flatters her face shape. The key to a great pixie? "Leave the length slightly longer than a traditional pixie, and add a little wax or pomade just to give it texture and separation," explains stylist Matthew Shields of Sally Hershberger salon in NYC via Allure Magazine. Jamie Lee Curtis also boasts a flattering pixie cut, and has for years. (Note: the addition of Jamie's fun, modern glasses which keep her look fresh and youthful.)

The Lob

The Lob, or long bob, works best on straight or wavy hair and on most face shapes although women with very thin of very thick hair should avoid it. Mary Steenburgen wears it well in a rich auburn hue with long bangs. Kate Capshaw sports a sunny blonde lob with some layering and bangs. (Did we mention that bangs are a great alternative to Botox for lines in the forehead?) And Naomi Campbell, who is 45 years old believe it or not, often sports a long, blunt lob paired with blunt bangs that flatter her face and bring focus to the eyes.

The Bob

Bobs come in all shapes and sizes as in the case of Helen Mirren  who's slightly layered bob with sides swept bangs flatters her oval face perfectly. Linda Fargo, who has been named "Bergdorf Goodman's "gatekeeper of style," is well known for her classic bob, always perfectly polished in a stunning shade of silver.  And let's not forget Anna Wintour who has sported the same bob for years, and yet remained the epitome of good style... proving that a great hair cut that flatters your face is truly timeless.

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