Think Good Things. Good Things Will Happen.


I just want you to know, you do not have to be sick to get better. You probably look at some women and think, “They must have a fairy godmother. They are so lucky.” I am here to tell you this is far from the truth. You must be your own fairy godmother and make “good” things happen. My philosophy: Orchestrate your attitude by thinking good thoughts. Short and to the point. You first have to know you. Then you have to know what is good for you.

These are my thoughts as to how to make this happen.

It is important to think and make a list about what has been good in the lifestyle you have “already” experienced. This is your good life capital… so far!

Next, think about your lifestyle today. Ask yourself how much of your effort is going to what matters most -- your personal fulfillment. Are you pursuing well-chosen friendships, hobbies, loving relationships and a career? If you are not, you have to think good thoughts and have the willpower to shift gears. Eliminate from your life what is not benefiting your lifestyle. Delete the excess. Trim the fat. Be your own fairy godmother!

Now that you have made your list of “deletes “(I love that word because it says so much), let’s add your vision -- even if it seems far-fetched and impractical. If it makes you feel good, your vision is worth the effort. In other words: live the life you were meant to live. Say good things and think good things and good things will happen.

I am a perfect example of being my own fairy godmother. I had never taken a writing class. I didn’t even know how to type! I taught myself listening to the best teaching pro out there…Mavis Beacon. I must admit I knew nothing knew about the Internet except how to email, text and Skype. I thought good thoughts every night before I closed my eyes, worked very hard and valued my feelings. Use me as an example -- I’m a grandmother, but I embraced the “better late than never mentality.” A clear vision and hard work and you can accomplish anything!