This Aging Thing


By Honey Good. I was at a luncheon. All the women were 50 and over. Staring around the room a flash went through my mind. I wondered how they felt about their life at this stage and then… I came back to my own thoughts about aging (as the speaker, unfortunately, went on and on in a monotonous tone).

Age has given me what I searched for my entire life…it gave me, well, me. The years gave me the time, through my trials and errors, to shape me into the person I became. I now fit into myself. I have the life I dreamed of. I fit into the woman I am.

There are parts I don’t love… a bit of cellulite, less of a memory, and not as firm thighs, as I’d like. I wish I knew everything from Bach to the Bible to the study of the Classics and at times I wish I were forty in order to discover that which I have not. Yet, the truth is, I have so many blessings that really matter which age has brought to my door… a cool husband, a healthy and very interesting blended family, my wonderful dog, Orchid, a few very loyal and loving girlfriends, and an adventuresome life that most people dream of living. I would not trade any of it for firmer thighs or complete knowledge of Bach!

I have some grey hair, some smile crinkles around my eyes (that I happen to love), a body that a little less forgiving after my workouts, but I love and appreciate my life so much and that makes it all “good!” Take a time out to think about your life…and appreciate “you.”

Warmly, Honey